Defend the realm no xp?


Is there a reason why the level scaled defend the realm mobs now give 0 xp or is that a bug? I found them fun to level against solo.


Is it on all monsters, or are they getting aggroed by guards?


All the current defend the realm monsters give 0xp, with a 0xp indication. Tested with a level 19 and a level 10


We’ll look into it. Thanks for letting us know.


It’s happening because the mobs this week are the adds from the Tradu boss and from the jungle dungeon boss, and those never gave out any experience, and we’re using the same enemies for DTR. So, not intended to not give out any experience for DTR specifically, just happened to be that way because of what they are.


Will this be fixed before the next reset or should I just get on with it on my alt without exp?


I don’t think this will be changed at this point, sorry.

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