Defend The Realm Update: double cap on points until the end of the event!


Hi everyone, we’ve heard your concerns about the ability to complete the personal minimum goal to get the rewards before the end of the event, so from now until the end of the event (December 18th), you will be able to turn in twice as many points (for both the gathering and killing), both towards your personal minimum as well as the global goals.

This means that if you were already started but not able to do the full cap every week, or that it felt too late, now it should be achievable to complete it, and if you’ve never participated in it before you can still achieve the minimum before the end.

The limit will change in a patch this morning.

PS: Everyone is very close to unlocking the Defender of Patreayl title, keep it up! It’s something you’ll be able to show off to everyone once Reborn launches!

Defend The Realm issues from last week


Bummer. I purchased the game during an Oculus promo, and there is no mathematical way for me to get 18k in the remaining two weeks, I’ll be 6k short.


I’d say keep going. There may be a option to gett even more extra pointes soon


That is what I’m hoping for. I plan to get the max I can just in case they give a bonus for promo buyers. At the very least it has gotten me a few friend invites.


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