Defend the Realm


So, I just recently got back into OrbusVR and convinced my boyfriend to play with me. I saw the defend the realm event and figured “hey we should participate to get the rewards” so we went and farmed all of the combat points and started working on the tongues. Later in town I noticed the board says 18,000… not 1,800 that I thought it said. So doing the math, we literally can’t even get the rewards even if we farmed it every week.

My suggestion, Tier the rewards. I am ok with not getting all of them, but I am not really ok with getting nothing for participating in the event. As it stands there is zero benefit to participate and even to a detriment. I could make lures with the tongues, or make better use of my time doing quests rather than killing the monsters for the event.

But, I want to participate. So, in my opinion, if you want server participation there should be a reward for participating. Right now it is all or nothing.

I would really like to earn the cape and pet, I would literally get to 17,000 and the reborn version will come out, meaning all that time and effort was literally a waste of my time.

Please make the rewards tiered rather than all or nothing. It is very discouraging as a returning player to come back just late enough that I wont get anything for my participation.


The 18.000 points means that you have to reach 18.000 points to get the rewards listed. The 400.000 and 1.100.100 points etc are just goals that we as a community have to work towards. Once we reach one of those milestones, everyone who has contributed at least 18.000 points gets those rewards.

So in other words, you got 9 weeks if you start now to get to 18.000 points which should still be possible


I would prefer to see participation rewards for all those that didn’t make the 18k points as well. This would at least incentivize those that are coming back to the game or just starting.


unless i can farm 100 tongues between now and Tuesday, i basically cant possibly get the rewards. So anyone coming after that is just grade A F*d



There is no incentive for anyone joining the game past basically monday, to even begin or help with the Defend the Realm. 18,000 Points isn’t possible past there.

Putting rewards on Tiers makes more sense, as then even people who maybe don’t hit ALL the rewards, still get some; and some incentive to participate.

The more people participating, the easier its going to be to hit 400,000 and 1,100,100 respectively. Start telling people that it doesn’t matter if they participate or not; and everyone suffers as a result.


I suspect (and the devs have hinted) that there will be opportunities before the end for players to get more than 2k defend the realm points per week, so I’d still encourage people to dig in and participate. Also, you can probably buy some tongues from trader stalls, and barring that, if it’s that close and you don’t have the time, I’d be happy to loan you the tongues up front and you can pay me back whenever.

All of that being said, I generally agree as well that the format of this event potentially hoses returning players over the next several weeks, which is a shame.


on Saturday we talked a bit to daynab in highsteppe and among the things we talked about he mentioned a catch up week happening eventually so that players who join in late can still get the rewards.


Il sell you a stack if you want. 3000 dram ok?
They might even be selling cheaper at some stall.


The Devs are working on a way for people joining the event late to catch up on points, they are still working out the details I think so keep an eye out for their post

If you’re struggling to get enough tongues you can buy the eel from a stall in highstppe for 40-50 each and you only need 34 of them so works out cheaper to sell the eyes, tongues and minor shards and use eel instead


I suggested a reward store at the end where you can spend points, instead of the current system, and the devs and one community member were against it


Om hoping for optional boss barrels that give aditional points.


Ill buy that stack if they dont want it


we ended up spending the rest of my night grinding for tongues in the noob zone in order to get it. I felt kinda bad for the people I was robbing quest mobs from, but hey it had to be done :stuck_out_tongue:

However, this still doesn’t address the problem, this isn’t a me problem this is an “Everyone after Monday” problem.

I am not against rewards or even them being hard to get, but I will not encourage anyone I see who comes to the game to participate in the event with the false idea they will be rewarded for their effort. If they want to participate they will, regardless of what I have to say, but if they are participating for the reward, they might just quit or stop playing until the launch, when they find out they wasted their time.

I would like to see continued participation until the end so that more can be unlocked, but if there is no incentive to do so for new or returning players, I don’t see why anyone thinks they should still participate lol, it wasn’t “fun” to farm tongues for 3 hours outside Highstepp.

Anyways, I said my peace, I appreciate the offers for the tongues but I would rather not spend the little dram I have on an event that should be tiered, rather than an all or nothing type of event (obviously my opinion, but I can’t think of any game I have ever played that had events that did this)


True heros will continue to defend the realm unto their last breath with or without promise of reward!

(Out of character though, it sounds like whatever catch up mechanic the devs are coming up should largely solve this concern)


A catch up mechanic only works if its public. Like a Doomsday device. It only works if people know it exists!


do we know where a catch up mechanic was actually mentioned by a dev?


I don’t believe it was mentioned in a post or in writing, but the few of us who were there and talking with the devs at the boss fight asked specifically about this. They were aware, agreed that the method they initiated would not be effective for new players, and said they were working on a solution to allow new players to also receive the event benefits.


Has been mentioned by daynab and outlander in-game


Why not just remove the caps for the last couple of weeks, Maybe make something unique For the top 10 overall point collectors. Could have some Friendly competition and make 1st place get something truly glorious for defending the realm!


People would ignore the resources and just grind out the mobs for hours on end