Defend the Realm


I don’t know specially with this weeks resources, Ridgeback’s hand in for 50ea and anyone with T2 and luck rings can fish around 90+ per hour which 100% would be more points per hour then grinding mobs. It would also be nice to drop my spare 1.1k Ridgeback’s for the easiest 55000 points of my life. :wink:


“I generally agree as well that the format of this event potentially hoses returning players over the next several weeks, which is a shame.”

Hosed returning player here!
I logged in the other night, started looking at the Defend the Realm stuff (because I LOVE games that do community participation jazz – Elite Dangerous’ Community Goals keep me coming back week after week to contribute & kind of compete for rank, hehe).
Noticed the goal(s) seemed unobtainable with my very limited playtime ability right now (if I want to dive back into Orbus, I could devote maybe 2 hours a night at best), shrugged, and logged off shortly after.

Catch-up week would be great of course.
A tiered reward system from the start would’ve been better, IMHO. I sliding tier system like EliteD’s Community Goals would be neat, but IDK if that would work well with Orbus.


Perhaps on this week, but I would still think that a lot of people hate fishing and would just go with killing the mobs which could be just as fast next week.


Kill as many as you like:
Worm boss
World boss 3
Raid boss 5

Gather as much as you like:
Clown fish
Aged invisibility potion


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