Deleting Quests from the journal?

Is there anyway I can delete a quest from my journal please ?
I accepted the quest to buy the house at the guild city, But it seems that you cant even buy a deed yet anyway to complete the quest ?
And no that I have been to other places, I see there are house to buy at most places, so when I can, I would like to be able to choose where I base my home then.

There’s not currently a way to remove it, no, sorry.

If you want you can logout and I can remove it for you manually.

I don’t suppose I can ask you to remove my housing quest & duplicate empowered strikes potion page, can I?

Sure, logout and I can remove the housing quest. I’m not sure on the potion page I’ll take a look. (Let me know when you’re logged out…)

OK Riley thanks, AM logged out now if you would remove the housing quest please

Okay should be removed.

I’m logged out, and my orbus name is the same as my username. Thanks!

I’ll be back at my computer in about 30 minutes to take care of it.

Okay you should be good to go.

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