Desert and Wilds - question/suggestion for dev's

I miss the desert in Old Orbus and all the mobs associated with it, I miss the dungeon and the multi door mountain. Does Orbus plan on bringing anything back that resembles this?

I miss the Wilds, I miss the aberrations, I miss the awesome feeling of when you are strong enough to be able to go there and have pvp enable by default. Get different loot and stuff. Does Orbus ever plan on bringing something like that back?
I hate to have to go back to Highsteppe just to switch to pvp. Perhaps you can have a hybrid system? A system where I can turn on pvp anywhere in the world, allowing you to take advantage of current world pvp perks, but at the same time, have some abuse prevention mechanism’s in place. For example, if you end up in combat, you cannot switch back.
Then we could have the wilds where, as normal, once you cross that line, it’s automatic pvp and all kinds of good loot.



A desert zone, along with a Sanyael redux in Reborn would be pretty cool. That worm was a fun world boss.

I’d like to know if there are any future pvp plans as well, either more battlegrounds maps, a duel system, or yes, even a small optional forced pvp zone.


I do miss being able to kill people that grab farmable resources before me. Probably the thing that annoyes me the most when farming on a time limit.

But PvP in its current state is not properly balanced (Palladian hammer ability to run away beein the most gamebreaking) and I don’t think it should be forced anywhere.

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There needs to be a cool down on the teleport, and super long teleports should use more charges. This is what we recommended over a year ago.


ehh orbus is just gone, devs wont add wilds, and pvp is ganked bc spells are still unable to be seen even though its been complained about since the damn beta testing lol.On top of that mages only really need to practice one spell and thats fire because it does a ridiculous amount of damage. I mean triplicity was basically nerfed because the community complained about sift casting to fast which makes no sense… But hey! It’s all okay.

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Hopefully they address it in the upcoming roadmap. There is not much to do for people with little interest or consistent time for endgame PvE. When battlegrounds are not popping up anyways, which is most the time.

Also adding a gear progression path around Honor Points and/or battlegrounds would be nice to have something to do and keep people who just want to do that stuff coming back.