Despawn Timer Could Help Impossible Harvests & Monsters

This comes from a discussion had last night on Discord.

You know those foxes and wolves chilling near town in Lucian Plains? The ones on the mountain that won’t come down, and you can’t one-shot them to reset them?
How bout that spider 300 feet above the orchard?
Or that weird dude from Old Kingsport I saw hovering over the lake?
What if there were a despawn timer on those mobs, so that if there’s no kill and/or no positional change after a set time, it despawns and immediately respawns in another location?

The same could be applied to harvestables. If we can’t reach it and nobody harvests it within a set time, it despawns and goes somewhere else.

This should solve (or bandaid) the buggy spawn locations.

Seems like a good idea, I’ll look into it.

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also if you can post locations (or pictures) of the monsters and areas ill keep working on adjusting the spawners.

You want locations and screenshots on this thread, or in a PM?

either ones fine if posted here others could see if its been reported before.

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