Destroyed my musket

Destroyed my musket on accident thinking it was a duplicate and now i cant get another one? IGN is punkman

Hey Punkman, it’s me- Leoric.

Was it a beginners musket? If so I’ve got about 7 of em if you want one. Let me know and we can arrange a time to handover :slight_smile:

It shouldn’t be possible to delete the first musket that you had when you started the game. You may want to check your storage to see if you still have it, or let the devs know that there may be a bug in the game. If you don’t have any muskets, the devs should be able to get you a replacement one.

Sadly we can’t trade or sell gear to other players.


As Pyarrows said, you should have a Beginner Musket laying around somewhere, as you can’t delete those. But if you can’t find it let us know.

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Welp i feel like an idiot lmao it was in my storage thanks everyone! xD

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