Dev Blog: Beta Two Preview Series Part Two

There’s a new blog post out today previewing a few more of the features we’ve been working on for the beta test this Friday. In particular, you can read about the new Combat Balance patch, the new dungeon, and the new itemization and loot system.


Thank you thank you thank you! This is too perfect. The gear system, the warrior swords, the mob make-up, the EVERYTHING is beyond expectation. You all are masters of your craft!

Where did you hide the bows? Do you want me to die for too hype? :confounded:

Finally! I’be been waiting for an upgraded gear system! A couple questions though,
•will us lvl 16s get to keep our gear at a higher rarity?
•will we be stranded in the desert with level 1 weapons or will we get gear proportionate to our level?
•will there be an inventory wipe this test for the new system?
As always you guys are doing awesome work in such little time, and a whole gear system rework was more then I ever hoped for! You guys are truly amazing!

There won’t be an inventory wipe.

You will most likely need to go back to the earlier zones and do a little grinding to get some gear (especially weapons).

I will be moving everyone back to the starter village, though. So essentially even if you’re Level 16, you’ll have to do at least some grinding to get the gear for Level 16 and progress back through the content that way. It won’t take nearly as long as leveling up to Level 16 did, though.

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Any spoilers on what you have in mind for some new runemage spells?

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This is perfect. We have a reason to do earlier content and play around with the class changes without getting rekt by high level mobs

Awesome update. I can’t wait to play this weekend!!!

I really like the ARPG style system!

Does this mean shoulders are now an open drop?

And will we see potential shield cosmetics in the future for warrior?

You have me so hyped right now. Killing it guys.

Yes it means that you will find pieces of gear for all slots just by playing the game (questing, killing regular monsters, etc.).

However, if you want to get Epic Shoulders, you will need to take on Elites and Dungeon Bosses.

So that way we know that everyone generally speaking should get geared up, but then those doing the most difficult content are going to be getting that extra-special gear that goes above and beyond the base level.

I think we will definitely see that, in fact what may end up happening is that there is a “Class Item” slot that determines the shield cosmetic for warrior, the wand casting line for runemage, the turret of the musketeer, and the trap of the archer, or something like that. We just haven’t had time to do it yet.


Wow so no level cap increase this test? That changes our plans! Soo excited!!!

Hi, everything sounds great and just making me even more excited! I was wondering what the levels were for the bosses, the desert dungeon bosses and the world bosses(giant worm and elongata) so i could just know if it was possible to start getting legendary items, thanks!

Well, you have to kill level 20 mobs to get legendary drops. So it depends on the level cap.

Will the sliding while in combat still be happening this Beta?