Dev Blog: Questions and Answers #2

Hi, today we wanted to answer some more questions from the community, we talk about some upcoming content, QoL changes, and some more miscellaneous info and stats.

Check it out!


Only 3 short Annotations:

1) Logs
“we will be adding the addition of displaying what class a player is using”

That is one great thing we all look forward to, it will make logs much easier to read! However, two more things which really would be needed imo is a) the dungeon done (at least the level, in best case mutations also) and b) which potions the player is using during a fight; these sometimes make a major difference to dmg and it is hard to compare any log without having that info.

2) No perk reset
“but when the new perks come out we will not be resetting the current perk point selections”

That is a terrible choice. It is June now. So “sometime that year” we will have new perks (or info about them it does not matter either way)? Seriously, I did not spend any perks since new were announced and all who got luck (and perhaps mount speed) filled will likely do same, because we got no clue if better perks come out or not. This is like leveling blind or for nothing, for 5-6 months!!! Even if you’d tell us what is coming that means we save up these perks, for many weeks, they are useless until new finally come out. And this is quite a motivation killer imo.

3) Also what I really miss in there, what about any increase in reputation at npcs? Is that dropped or still somewhere on the roadmap? Some of us still save up weekly missions, the 10 promised which we then can turn in, since several months now. If this is not coming this year (or ever), well… idk. I just would like to turn them in already then.

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Maybe they mean that they I’ll give you back every spent point so you can spend it on other stuff

Currently no, they do not stack. We will announce when we are planning on doing an Boost Event ahead of time so players can save theirs and we will activate our own. In the future we may come up with some additional Server boosts that work for us only, but for now they will be the same.

That’s a shame because it will make the event’s you do feel a lot less special when we can do them ourselves

Really happy to hear that the combat logs are getting some love! Thank you for that!

Also really glad to see the grinder and other rewards are going to be getting a look at, Thank youuu!

Updated tool weights to be more consistent across the board

Yess please say it’s all 0 :heart:

I went from 42 overlevel perks to 150 since I made the overlevel post in march, I’ve put 75 perk points into dram discount due to the changes coming to bring more stuff to spend dram on and server wide boosts and I still have enough to max out another when they come out, you know as well as I do that it’s not hard to level and get more, just doing daily missions gets you 1 perk point per 2 days and I wouldn’t really say it’s like leveling for nothing as you know there will be new perks eventually, looking at your armory you get 1-3 levels per day so you’ll be able to save up enough to max out a perk by time they come out anyway, if you haven’t already considering you have 369 perk points already which means you can pretty much max out the useful ones already

I honestly have given up hope on this now, I plan on turning them all in during the next exp boost which is more than 25% (if it ever goes higher than that again) or if an exp boosting overlevel perk comes out

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Just a quick addition to this, I am never only talking about me (or you, or Scott) when I write these posts. The game should NOT be designed for you, for me, or in general for the top 10 in any ranking. And that is constantly forgotten I fear. I mean well you are #2 in overlevels, I am #4 - of course for us it is no big deal to level up and do so, fast. However there seemingly is hundreds of other players below and nope, leveling is not that easy if you don’t play that game 24/7 and be very efficient with events. I mean, I’m a grinder, not minding repetitive content, I’m one of the very few who apparently don’t bore-out with event-hoping after finishing their first or second, third class.
So, as a general concept apart from my own progress (which seems, according to rankings, almost as exceptional as yours - you’re a freakin 80 levels apart from me tho…! # 11 got less than half your levels let that sink in for a moment…) I can’t believe it is a great concept leaving those hanging in the dark, unsure where to put points.
I might be good on my main with levels btw, but on my alt the issues already begin. Putting perks into Luck is obvious, but then what now. Save perks or put into mount speed. I simply don’t know yet, so it is frozen. What shall we tell newer players who got luck full? Well they best save their perks until this update comes, since there won’t be a reset, what else.

Also I really did not expect any new perks, ever. So I spent perks on potion overage time just to spend them because well why not, better than nothing. These are apparently lost now, I don’t really need this perk (along with some other things btw…) and I’d never have done this if I knew there might be chances for better anytime soon.

Ehm no, that was requested, but the blog says the opposite?

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Hmmm I may have misread it
Give me a minute ti read it over again

So from the looks of it, it says they will give you every spent point to spend on what you want since new things are coming out (I may have misread what you originally said)

Are the overleveling perks still coming this year?
Yes they are, they will come out before the end of the year. I’m not sure if this question has been asked or not but when the new perks come out we will not be resetting the current perk point selections, but we will have more information about what the perks will be in the coming months so players can make their decision then.


No you misread the blog post, first of all, Rickness just copied it for ya, it’s as clear as can be, but well I’m out, think I made my point, very unhappy with that announcement.

I don’t know how to word it any simpler, but the perks you already spent (or will spend until the update comes out) will stay there, forever.

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Alright yeah I get it now, I just misread like everything
Thanks for clarifying and I agree with you too
For me, leveling past 30 is hard

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the four leg horse mount would be funny to see when we have no legs and would the horse would look like a pony or be a tall horse😂

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