Dev Blog: Ranger Preview

Our latest Dev Blog is out, where we talk about the changes coming to the Ranger for the next Alpha test. Check it out and let us know your thoughts!


Wow, the new Ranger abilities look great, especially the Darkness arrow. Ranger was already a strong PvP class, but this should give it even more utility in the Wilds, both on offense and defense.

I don’t expect that this is the case, but can the Darkness arrow interfere with other targeted abilities, like the Warrior’s Sword Rush and the Musketeer’s turret? Also, can the Ranger’s Mark and Trap abilities be used against other players?

Great stuff, can’t wait to try it (and the new dungeon) this Friday! :man_with_turban:

I think you made a typo in this post. You probably meant to say “Ranger” instead of “Runemage” :stuck_out_tongue:

The Darkness arrow is purely visual so it does not currently do anything other than blind other players.

Trap no, Rangers Mark yes.

Haha sorry, fixed. Late night writing ftw.

aww man, was really hoping for more Runemage updates:)

If you use a charged shot in conjunction with a spread arrow, do all 5 arrows carry charge shot level damage? Can you rangers mark multiple targets?

No, only the middle arrow gets the increased charged shot damage.

You can only mark one target at a time…if you mark another target the previous mark will disappear.

I’m just imagining setting up the rock golem dps phase with a weakness orb, and a ranger mark target for maximum damage output.

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