Dev Blog: Reborn Beta Phase One Schedule and Dev-led World Boss Hunt


Hey everyone,

New blog post just went up with some information on the phase one beta testing for OrbusVR: Reborn, as well as a quick note about a dev-led World Boss Hunt that we’ll be doing in-game on October 13th. Thanks!

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Ohhhh the creature collection sounds fun and I cant wait to play with yall!


Are we bringing in our current Characters for the beta? Will we be creating new Characters just for that beta weekend?

Excited. :star_struck:


Oh yeah I meant to cover that and totally forgot. For this beta phase you’ll be making new characters, but in the next phase you will have the opportunity to bring over your existing characters just like it will work when the game actually launches.


Hyped to try this new bard class and see if anything has been re-worked mage wise. I want to explore these new lands as well!


Just to make sure expectation are in check, other than new gear/equipment nothing will be re-worked about the existing classes until later in the process. That said, my hope is that the new monster AI changes make it feel like a fresh and interesting experience even if nothing has significantly changed yet about the existing classes.


Sounds good! My expectations have been set straight. I’m really looking forward to Reborn. Thanks for all the hard work you and your team have put into this game. We all really appreciate the thousands of hours of entertainment.


Hope to see everyone at the Dev ran world boss event next sat the 13th at 7PM, it will be level scaled so all levels are welcome and encouraged to come!


Is this something where the developers will be leading players to go fight the existing world bosses as they currently stand, or something else entirely?


CEST germany = sunday 2:00 in the morning


Impressive conversion.


Nice! Where are we meeting for the world boss event?


Well be meeting right outside Lakeood Inn for the event

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