Dev Blog: State of the Game and What's Next


Hey everyone,

We’ve got a new blog post out today outlining what’s coming up next for the game. Check it out when you get a chance!


Really amazing stuff you and the team have done together. Reading through the dev blog this time has me just as excited as it did before the game launched.


I would like to present some asks in this thread if possible!

  1. With the inclusion of mounts, can the airship have its travel speed increased? Right now the tradeoff of using the airship (which has the same speed as a player on foot) is that you have to cycle through all the stops token-ring style to get where you want. With the inclusion of mounts, there won’t be a reason to use the airship…

  2. Yes please on reduced fatigue! My wife plays Warrior but we frequently have to take breaks after fighting mobs that heal themselves.

  3. For the transmog system, can we get one that “mogs to the slot” instead of to a piece of armor? So many games bind appearances to items instead of the slots, which really just takes a fun system and turns it into work. “Oh look, I got a new helm, time to go get one of those reagents needed to put the helm appearance I want on this thing… AGAIN!”



Great stuff Riley!

I read the “unseen enemy” part further down as well. However, the above quote immediately got me thinking about how dynamic public quests worked in Warhammer Online (which sadly no longer runs for other reasons) and rifts/invasions in the game Rift.

I think such public quests would work GREAT in Orbus, especially for their ability to create focal points in zones where players who may not know eachother spontaneously band together and may even form longer lasting bonds.

The LFG system is a bit further down the line which i think is a shame, but i guess you have your reasons for ordering the sprints the way you have chosen to.

The beta also sounds great, and i hope you will also experiment with the goal to fix/improve upon the lag/desync/disconnect issues that are going around (if you aren’t already doing so).



All looks pretty cool. I noticed there was nothing for PvP. When are you going to take another shot at balancing the classes for PvP? Do you plan on adding a battleground or anything like that in the near future?



So the next thing after this 3 month roadmap is going to feature some pretty big changes to the game, including PvP. We’re just not at a point where we want to talk about it yet publicly because a) we are still gathering information to make a final decision (hence the survey that will be going out soon), and b) we want to focus on this roadmap first.


The “unseen enemy” is not a Public Quest thing, but I agree that Public Quests would work great in OrbusVR and we are working toward that long-term.


On the Transmog system, the current plan is to do it on an item-by-item basis, but make it very easy to do subsequent items with the same “look” if you’ve already done it once.


Do you plan on doing any work to the casting system?


I would also like to ask about this. There is some serious inconsistency with casting runes based on their drawn depictions.


All of this is just amazing ! Looks like this is gonna be another great year of Orbus. Thanks DEVS :star_struck:


Sprint 2, would be nice to see a Toggle for Transmog to see every players default look. Sprint 4 has got me VERY interested, Ahn’Qiraj war effort here we come? Overall can’t wait to see them get released!


“Defend the Realm” OMG!!!
I cant wait!
Lots of very cool things that im excited about! Ditto @Arc_Mako! Take my money.
Guild storage, mounts and holy hell the group defend thing sounds so fun!!


This is awesome! I can’t wait to see the state of the game when we hit the 1 year mark. I’ve got to say, I’ve played a lot of MMOs,including AAA titles and none give updates as frequently and accurately as orbus. Keep it up! Can’t wait to burn a hole in my wallet when cosmetic shop goes live. Take my money


Fantastic, you guys really do work too hard. But as an introvert with no friends that play this game, dungeon queuing cant come soon enough.


Wouldn’t it make sense to do the level scaling changes before the public quests so that everyone can participate? Or is there already plans for this?


This is awesome! I can’t wait for mounts and dungeon queuing. Keep up the amazing work. :heart_eyes::+1:


”Warrior hit detection, as well as a new “charge” mechanic for Warriors which ”

Im allready imagening seeing glimmering swords (similar to rangers loading arrow) just before an attack :grin: soooooo curious​:smirk:


Thanks for the update. I forget how small your development team is. I really appreciate all of the time and dedication put into OrbusVR.

The future looks very bright for you folks! Keep up the good work.