Dev Blog: Talents System Preview -- Warrior and Ranger


I love this system but may I ask that there is a talent that lets the warrior hold a long sword in 2 hands and if you do a combo you can like block with it if you have the right timing


Yeah I understand. I just added that edit in for clarity because I was worried people might think it was worded weirdly otherwise. Thanks for taking the time to read through it!


Yeah I mean some of these are new mechanics (such as the Ranger shot indicators), but something like a threat meter (which I do intend to add at some point) would be more of a base-level mechanic, not something in the talent system.

I don’t think the goal of the Talent system is necessarily to create two new hard “sub classes” for each class (at least, not in this current iteration), it’s to add some additional interesting mechanics to some of the classes, and basically provide some choices that should be meaningful enough to make different play styles possible.

As I said in a previous post, we’ll see where it goes from here.


Got it. Thanks for the clarification on this, and again thanks for reading.

I’m actually surprised that you don’t see this as splitting warrior into two sub-classes. Because of the way the shields work, I can’t imagine someone with big shield taking a single berserker skill, and I can’t imagine someone with small shield taking a single Templar skill. I don’t necessarily think this is a bad thing, but if it isn’t in line with your vision, It’s probably food for thought.

Edit: I just realized there are maybe some edge cases like Sanyael where someone with a small shield would take the templar perks, but I still can’t imagine a situation where someone wouldn’t go all in for one tree or the other.


Thanks for clearing that up because I was looking at it all wrong then.
I thought you had to go down the list so in order to get the 4th talent, you had to pick the 1,2,3 on the same side.


Globe Keeper: The globes that you earn for firing highly rated shots last longer before decaying at close range.

Can someone explain what Globe Keeper is suppose to accomplish?

You gain orbs from being 15+ away and they decay regardless of range from the target about 1 orb/sec or by consuming them at by being under 15 range.

Does this mean they just decay at like 1 orb/3 seconds or that a close range shot won’t remove an orb right away, but after like 2 seconds?


Actually if you can pick between these options these talents open up some pretty sick combinations (like the safe damage warrior with the hp down shield as last option). I really like it myself, cannot comment much on ranger as I have never delved deep into that one, but on paper the sniper talents do feel pretty weak except for the last one, the third option might however be favoured by new players learning the game.


Oh yeah I actually hadn’t thought of that. I stand corrected then.


yeah some kind of variety always seem more exciting than just going for one, although i know that a lot of warriors I know are saying they want to take the full tank route for the incoming shard dungeons. But I think we will see it for ourselves how it really plays out but I like your points on the talent system and is definitely something interesting.


Tank is definitely the way to go for first runs but I do also disagree with the players who continue to play safe fulltank against easy bosses they’ve beaten 50+ times.

I just noticed though, wow, Blessing of protection is so much better. 5 seconds every minute where the party has 10% extra damage (Effective ~+0.8% party damage) vs the ability for the tank to come back from death. There’s no contest.

Actually yeah @Riley_D , imagine this.

  1. Your shield runs out, and you run out of health, forcing you to use blessing of protection.
  2. The blessing of protection buys you enough time to get your shield back
  3. Your shield runs out. By now you’ve been healed.
  4. You run out of health, so you use warrior special to get your shield back.
  5. Honestly by this point, see step 1.

Unless a boss is just rolling you with damage this might be busted.


I was hoping for a viable DPS alternative to arrow spamming, but it sounds like 3 out of the 4 ranger talents that boost DPS are going to arrow spamming. Can a ranger using precision do the same DPS as one specialized in quick shot spamming arrows as fast as the game allows?


Right so the fastest you can fire arrows currently is 3 arrows/second. If you fire an arrow once per second with Precision active, you are doing an equal amount of damage. Obviously the trade-off there is you have to fire them once per second (so timing matters), and if you miss a shot it’s a lot bigger of a deal, whereas with fast-firing if you miss a single arrow not a huge deal.

With Rapidity on the fast-fire arrows are further increased in damage with each shot, but it would the same as if you could perfectly time each arrow with Precision active (which will be really hard to do). There’s sort-of a “zone” where as long as you’re in the zone you’re getting the empowered shot, but if you want the absolute max damage you have to hit it right in the middle. So again, just a trade-off between do you want to have to do a more precise timing, or just have to fire as quickly as possible.

Again I’m not sure if I’m explaining this poorly in the blog or not, but it would be totally viable to do a build of:’

Globe Master
Rapid Charge (which times nicely with your once-a-second firing rythym)
Multishot (extra arrows = extra damage)

So there’s nothing saying that those DPS talents are “locked” to you having to take Rapidity.


The Blessing of Protection does not last nearly as long as it takes for your shield to recharge.

I think Blessing of Protection makes tanking easier. That’s intended. But consider if you are a progression-focused team, doing the hardest game content. Obviously Blessing of Protection might be okay while you are learning the fight, but if you have a tank who can tank the same fight and doesn’t need it (because they are doing the fight perfectly and aren’t making mistakes), then having them able to take Blessing of Might is obviously better for your group, as you get more damage output.

Not that you are a “scrub tank” for taking BoP, but certainly if you want to go the riskier route and take BoM as the main tank, it could pay off for the really skilled player/group. That’s exactly the sort of choice-making that we are looking to provide with these.


It doesn’t, but combine that with the time needed for your health to get low in the first place, and it would put you over the edge & give you your shield back in a lot of situations.

Even if that weren’t the case though, we’re talking less than 1% party damage on Blessing of Might. And that’s if managed perfectly and used exactly once per minute. I don’t think anyone would take that if asked to choose between that and a second mini warrior special on a separate cooldown.


Well, I guess we’ll find out in practice what people end up using, it will be interesting to see.


Will there still be a speed limit. That is the biggest problem for the speed shooters. Can I get a talent that gets rid of the speed limit? Every time I get a little excited I start hitting for 1 damage. Plus some times it seems like the game lags a shot then catches it back up which then makes 2 shots too close together which gives me 1 damage.


Maybe a mage talent should be “shooting through friendly bodies” so we can hit enemies.


Well I don’t think it will be. Hopefully BoM stays in the back of your head though once this releases.


There’s no incentive to choosing Precision over Rapid Shot if it’s only capable of equal damage, but it’s more punishing. Yes, you have more time to aim each shot and not mess up, so that’s a benefit, but at the skill cap it’s not difficult to keep shots on target in late-game with bosses as big as Sentry. I think it’ll depend on how small the Precision target is and how critical the timing is. I love the idea of carefully aiming at a smaller target and firing less arrows to get competitive DPS, so I’ll definitely try it out, but if it’s too punishing I just see everyone going Rapid Shot and maintaining the status quo.


I mean, I will pick precision over rapid shot, due to sheer animosity towards spam shots.