Dev Blog: Talents System Preview -- Warrior and Ranger


Hi everyone, I’d just like to give a heads up and say that we appreciate all the feedback and some of the talents (e.g. arrow sight) have already been removed/reworked based both on testing and feedback that we’ve received.

We probably won’t go into further details before launch on those particular trees since stuff changes very often and it was definitely a first draft preview - this is pretty much just a message to let you know that we’ve read your concerns/suggestions and you can expect probably most trees to launch in a somewhat different state than the preview will indicate, as we mentioned when we posted it. :slight_smile:


Hi Sonhae, just wanted to get your attention to a few things you missed in your review regarding the warrior talents.

Improved stun

I feel like you missed the part that you can actually use shield bash about every 8 seconds or so, which means you will have 1/4 of the time with extra damage buff, so it’s not a small amount. Also you are wrong about the unbending (which you call “cheat death”), as it’s cooldown is 2 minutes.

About the Blessing of Might, you could be right, the duration is just a bit too short, if it would last for 10 seconds, it would be a lot more viable, but nevertheless I would still go with that one.


Interesting thing to consider: if this increases the time it takes an enemy to reach a kiting Ranger by one second, you could consider that a bonus to the Ranger’s damage, even if overall damage is unaffected. That’s still extra damage dealt before an enemy starts attacking, which could be just as valuable, or more valuable, to some players.


I knew the cooldown of the cheat death was increased, but I thought it was increased to 1m and not 2m. Still is very strong.

As far as the shield bash goes, I had thought it was a 10s cooldown, which would have been a 1% DPS increase, at 8s it is still only a 1.25% damage increase. In a three minute fight, that is still only worth 2.25 seconds of extra DPS, which in my opinion isn’t going to be noticeable.


That is only true in solo play. In group play you are likely to have better and longer last slows from Runemage or a Warrior.

So even in that case the talent would only have value for the Ranger, and only if being able to avoid 1 extra melee swing decided the outcome of the fight.


You might be right with the 10 seconds, never actually counted how long it takes to recharge :smiley:


One question please. What is the proc chance of the multishot talent? It’s critical on my decision-making please if you wouldn’t mind. Everything else is really good and we are really thankful for everything you do. Really not a fan of fireworks coloring and things of that nature from tier one, But I respect your decision and I don’t want to be another complainer.


Will a post be made listing the talents y’all decided on, or do we need to look somewhere in game for that?


Edited out due to better info.


I just updated the various Wiki pages with all the details on the Talents. The patch will go live probably in a couple of hours.


How long does the Overcharge buff last?


It’s just a single shot. Basically you’re trading in a bigger damage boost on that one shot for the smaller damage boost for each individual shot.


for overcharge is it the charged shot that gets the buff or the one after?


It’s the charged shot. You gain big damage on it and then lose your orbs.


More weapons with different playstyles for the classes.

You can even do multi-classing with balancing:
Mage(lvl 10) + warrior(10) = Battlemage (lose your charge ability, now you can spellcast) [hard to swing + spellcast, shorter sword to make casting more feasible & nerf swing range, reduced spell damage, reduced armor, disable sword damage while casting as one option…)

Ranger + Warrior = many many options. But you could also do throwing axes for example, holding your trigger and releasing it to throw it (and a new one appears in your hands either after s seconds or when the weapon lands/hits - perhaps even playing a vibration on the hand to alert them besides video/audio(if you play audio for it)) - as just a type of weapon - not necessarily forcing them to use these weapons in a ranger+warrior combo. Perhaps you carry poisons on your waist & can apply them to your sword for s seconds or N number hits as another option. I literally mean dozens of interesting opportunities here.

  • other combinations. It’s not like you need to have a mixed class for every base class either, they can just be requirements. So if Mage+Musketeer is too weird/difficult, no need to make it happen.

Pistol Musketeers
Crossbow Archers (or give poor warriors a crossbow for pulling ranged)
2h Warriors(2h axes, hammers, swords) - reduced damage by 50% if wielding with 1h (hands hand must be near at all times - technically someone could wear both controllers on 1h but I don’t think it would be worth it.)
Healing Mages (reduced magic dmg, gain access to heal spells). Not everyone wants to be a musketeer healer.
Frost/fire/arcane specialization (plz re-do the sound of arcane blast[annoying] & both sound/visual of arcane ray[weak feeling])
2nd weapon slot for smaller weapons (lower back/small of your back?)
Buckler warrior shields - low damage absorption - can parry attacks for reduced dmg to shield - more damage
MetaMagic - holding down trigger with your off hand and submitting a spell with your wand-hand simultaneously will proc metamagic if the first spell was a successful cast, taking in an additional symbol (like rituals) to either modify or mix the spell for different attributes (arcane orb + decurse for aoe decurse) (fire+frost for a single frost-fire spell with some increased damage) (icelance + firelance = firelance) (mana shield + arcane blast for aoe mana shield) (fireball 2 + arcane blast for aoe fire) (I daresay frost+arcane blast because of the follow up ice lance lol) - fire ray applying burning and aoe(arcane ray) ice ray applying slow and aoe (iceray - again OP ice lance followup though) mana shield + frost (additional armor, slow upon getting hit), fire+manashield (fire shield, fire dmg upon getting hit and a chance of burning)…affliction and so forth might have too much utility, or is worthwhile of a 4th tier talent in the current setup. Just food for thought though.

  • might need to nerf icelance for this to be reasonable. It’s already a god-tier spell, nothing else is worth casting for damage if you are going for max dps. (maybe affliction 2)

Shortbow rangers - less draw distance to reach maximum damage (less than a longbow), shorter maximum range.
Summoners / Ranger pets…
Dual wielding warriors with combo’s involving both weapons, perhaps even based on the type of weapon (sword + mace). Crushing blows that reduce the targets armor, even brief stuns, reduce targets physical damage. Could even add cooldowns & enough combo’s to form rotations rather than spamming out one single combo repeatedly.
Also instead of “Your Wound combo causes the target to bleed for 15% of the damage dealt over 2 seconds.”, why not add cooldowns to warrior combos (yea there’s a learning curve to timing it), and add more combos? Like instead of wound now does 15%, give them a bleed combo that does 100%, 125%, dmg(or something comparable to wound). Again, to form new rotations and break the monotony of a singular skill being spammed & increase the skill ceiling.
Some more combo ideas randomly(that all warriors don’t necessarily need to have access to):
1] Take 25% less dmg for 3 seconds
2] Bleed (as mentioned above)
3] Root Target for 3 seconds
4] Add 5% to shield (shield breaks dip into hp)
5] Nearby allies take 15% less damage for 10 seconds
6] Reduce cooldown on horn by 1 second
7] Gain 15% move speed for 4 seconds, or return x stamina
8] Deflect the next ranged attack/spell cast at you within 4 seconds, taking no damage return angle is based off the incoming angle), & it can hit enemy targets (yes this is situational)
9] Brief stun (mentioned above)
10] Armor crush (mentioned above)
11] Reduce the enemy’s physical damage for s seconds (mentioned above)
12] You do 15% more damage for s seconds.

Can make this stuff up for days.

  • new npc “trainers” & tutorials for using these new abilities as you unlock them.

with some new combos, abilities, and so forth… lot’s of potential for variety & interesting design choices.

Edit: of course, more importantly is an end-game and content that will be challenging & worthwhile. Shard dungeons & raids & such.

Staves, Support Mage, and Class Variations?

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