Dev Spotlight: Shaman and New Zones


Hey everyone,

We’ve got a new blog post out today with a spotlight on the new Shaman class as well as some of the new areas that will be available to explore in the upcoming Beta test. Read on for the details:

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Shaman looks absolutely killer. Super excited to get my hands on it!


it looked like in the video that the shaman fireball is a aoe, is it? and to clarrify i mean the actual projectile and not lava totem


No, it’s single-target. I think the spell explosion effect just needs a little positional tweaking or something.


I don’t believe you mentioned it but what is the Shaman’s ultimate?


Excited for the beta!

One thing I’ve always loved about current Orbus is the frequency of flowers. The sunflower farm,
the white ones in the cementery, the blue ones around Highsteppe, how orange would get sprinkled in a little further out, the harvestable ones, and I was completely awestruck and in love with the Lamavora nightmare flowers. With last beta I really liked seeing the ivy on rock faces, but I really missed the flowers and swooshy grass. I was happy to see flowers in the blog pictures but horrified that’s Lamavora :broken_heart: (love the new design, though).

So, going forward, are there plans to still include regular sprinklings of flowers? Maybe a flower meadow here or there, or some types lining the occasional trail, or patches in/around a cementery? I also think it would be really neat to be able to wear harvested flowers (single one behind ear or in pony tail / braid, floral wreath/headband that could be a type of helm, from cash shop or player made from harvested flowers), cash shop attire with in-game floral designs… those are my hopes, at least :slightly_smiling_face:



What’s the green beam that turns yellow at the start of the clip for the shaman? It’s in the background


looks like a fun class.

Any news on making rangers fun to play ever?


The Shaman’s Ultimate is currently planned to be a summoned ghost wolf which charges forward and deals damage to enemies in its path.

Also the Bard Ultimate is going to be Inspiration, which is a buff to the entire party’s damage and health for a short time (e.g. 20 seconds) but only usable once every 10 minutes or something like that.

I’m not sure either will actually be in this beta, though.

As we get closer to launch we’ll continue adding in additional small details like those. We’re still moving around large objects in the world as we fit in e.g. public event locations so we don’t want to add in too much yet and have to move it all around.

It’s the indicator showing where a public event is currently active (note that is not the final look of it).


Will the AOEs be stacking? Either for damage or for their effects?


I really excited about all the reborn content that you guys are working on and I am very much looking forward it. However I have a slight worry about the shaman class. While the bard is dissimilar enough that it can fill niches that musketeers cant I am afraid that the role of shaman is going to be extremely similar to that of a mage (magic damage, with some support abilities with the only unique aspect to shaman is the ability to apply stun and weakness), and because of that one class might be way better at the role than the other essentially backbenching the weaker classes for any high end content. I am really just curious what the dev team`s opinion is on this matter.


i’m assuming they will be balanced such that for any given role, they have relatively similar performance.


I agree with Xicor on this – the Devs have promised class balancing and they will probably at least try to get them close.

Also, from what we’ve seen so-far, the Shaman will have its own little niche: aoe damage and debuffs. Depending on how this is done, it may be the more effective aoe dps compared to dot spread, at the very least because it’ll be up semi-permanently (drop totem down, don’t worry about it) and will take far less time and skill to set up.


I would like to also point out that a runemage is always better to put in your group at the moment than an archer because they do at least the same dps and have way better utility… so complaining that shamans would take away from the runemage utility is silly.


Hopefully rangers will get buffed when they rebalance the classes


not just buffed but re-worked to do more than just shoot until your shoulder falls off…
There’s no really interesting combat mechanics to being a ranger.

You have 2 options, Shoot as fast as you physically can, or soot in a metronome pattern where you’re severely punished DPS wise if you make any slight mistake


Yeah ranger seems a bit bummer at the moment but at least it specialises in very long range physical damage. They also shoot faster than mages do and so they can destroy projectiles 1-hit trash mobs super fast even if they are spread out. I was hoping that for the lack of any utility would translate to more single target damage than the mage. Anyway, the ranger still has uses especially with a lot of mages around since we can only stack so many dots on the enemy, so while the ranger may not be as strong as the mage it is always welcome to have, as it has its own place.


Honestly I just need a nice Melee dps class. Where is my berserker/assassin/greatswordsman :o:


i’m guessing that you wont get any of those and will probably get a brawler-like class that punches its targets.