Dev Vision for Orbus Endgame

I know that endgame is a bit off and the game is still currently in alpha, but I was curious as to what’s to be expected at end-game for Orbus. So just a few questions that I’ve been wondering.

What will max level be? 20 as stated before or are there plans to increase it past 20 once the game is released?

About how many skills will each class have once maxed out?

Will there be separate gear for PVP and PVE, and will there be a progression system for gear once maxed out?

If there’s any feedback/opinions that the devs would like from us regarding endgame, I (and I’d assume the community as well) would love to provide it.

20 is the max level for the foreseeable future. It’s going to take around 100 hours of gameplay to get to level 20 assuming you really try to ‘rush’ it.

The number of skills depends on the class, but generally speaking most have 10+ abilities at max level, plus a Super ability.

At end-game there will be 3 World Bosses to find/summon/conquer, as well as 4 end-game dungeons each with 3-4 wings of content (with a boss) plus a central shared boss for the dungeon.

Post-launch we’ll introduce the first raid which will be tuned for 10 players and will have another 3-4 bosses to tackle.

The PvP and PvE gear is not separate.

Honestly, I think the best answer to this question is, “there will be a ton to do”. Haha. As we get further into Alpha we’ll actually start testing some of this stuff so stay tuned :slight_smile:


Sounds awesome. Really glad to hear that there will be a good variety with the class abilities!

Awesome, I was afraid getting to 20 wouldn’t take very long.

Is that 100 hours per discipline @ level 20?

Yeah, that’s per discipline. It might go a little faster with subsequent disciplines since there will be some speedups, but generally speaking it’s not a fast process.

The Crafting Disciplines will not take as long. Not sure yet how long those will take. I’d rather that leveling them up was more about actually acquiring resources and learning recipes than just “grinding” but we’ll see what happens when we actually go to start mapping out their progression.

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I was also interested in finding out if there will be more stats added to the game. Specifically some like endurance/stamina, movement speed, and attack speed.

The stats we have planned right now are Attack, Armor, Crit, Magical Defense, Physical Defense, Wisdom, Regen, and Speed.

In addition to that there are 6 runes you can customize your armor with; each ability in the game (e.g. the Runemage Fireball spell or the Musketeer Poison orb) has an affinity to a rune depending on the type of attack (nuke, DoT, heal, etc.) So basically if you enhance your armor with a certain rune it might cause your Fireball spell to be more powerful, or your poison orb to regenerate more quickly, etc. The idea being that it opens up the opportunity for the player to customize their equipment to match their playstyle.


Very interesting. Me Gusta.

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That sounds good - don’t often stick with an MMO long enough to get to the very top endgame content - so the more interesting the journey there the better for me :slight_smile:

Follow up questions on the stats. Will they be raised according to the level you are (ie lvl 20 is max stat in every category) or will you be allocating “stat points” between the categories (you’ll never have enough stat points to max everything). Similarly, will your total stat points available change if you are level 15 Runemage and you switch disciplines to lvl 5 Ranger?

The stats are dependent on gear. So your gear might have +100 Armor, +20 Mag Def. If you want different stats you’d need to get different gear. You can’t modify the stats on a piece of gear currently. The two primary stats are Attack and Armor. For those generally speaking all of the gear at a certain “tier level” will have the same. So if you’re a Level 20 who’s done all the end-game dungeons you’ll generally have the same Attack and Armor (based on your class) as other Level 20’s. However, the secondary stats like Def, Wis, etc. are more niche. Different gear may have different ones of these.

The Rune affinities which directly affect the cooldown/power of the abilities are customizable. That’s one of the main jobs of the Runesmith profession. They also decay over time, so if you want to keep them up you’ll have to re-modify your gear on a regular basis. We’ll dive into more detail in how that system works in a future blog post.

Since it’s all gear dependent, switching your class would cause you to switch your stats as well. It is possible to share some gear among classes, though.


I don’t remember seeing a “Runesmith” profession mentioned before. Is this just another name for Artificing or is it a distinct crafting discipline?:man_with_turban:

Yeah it’s just another term for the Artificing profession.