DEV World Boss Event Drop?


The drops for today were only 75-95 dram for a world boss no capes no rings??? It would of been cool if we got a pet (how about a Sentry pet dressed up in a skeleton outfit for Halloween?).

Is there any way we can get a cool Halloween pet and do a Halloween event world boss near Halloween (maybe not actually on the 31st)?


Agree, the minute Outlander told me the boss will only drop things the normal mobs dropped in the area I ported home. Although I really enjoyed the lag what is the point in chain killing with no hope of some sort of loot? A Halloween skin would have been pretty great.


There was a glitch earlier over by Lakewood inn, where a big plant spawned a few times, and didn’t drop anything. Should fix that.
…when is the Dev world boss event happening?


Ooooh, that sounds like fun, when is the world boss event supposed to happen? Kinda kept dying at Lakewood inn without even hitting what looked like Elongata? Was that a glitch? I’m so confused.


My 2 cents: the only thing I have against a pet drop (or other item only obtainable in a given time) for a specific event like this, is that it was organized at a time where EU players mostly could not make it.

If there is a 2-3 day long event where a boss drops a pet etc then it is more acceptable.

I understand that this time around though it was more for devs to test boss spawning mechanics.


I think both @J11 and @Crazie argument is valid. I am thankful for the devs to try and bring out an event for the players to liven up the world a bit, but I feel like there are a few things that I needed to address.

I feel like the boss should have dropped something besides dram but it is also true that timewise for europeans it was hard to make it. I would have liked drops even if its just already existing rings or some high level blue equip, to make the killing worthwhile. (it is a special event afterall).
The devs were a bit late and we had no knowledge about what was going on, I saw quite a few people just go away because they did not know if the event was happening at all or not.
I do apologize if my statements sound harsh that is not my intention.

My personal experience with the boss battle was that it was a bit meh but the ensuing “battlefield” with all the players scattered and fighting for their lives against the scaled monsters was really fun to watch.


I am sorry and I hope I don’t sound mean, but the event was underwhelming. I felt bad for the EU people that did stay up for the event. We were looking forward to this event all week.

I do like how the devs are trying to get everyone together at any level to play with eachother, but the drops were disappointing.

I hope we can get more community events like this, just make it worthwhile. A cool halloween pet? Halloween weapon skins? Also, when you do have events like this, at least have it span 2 or 3 days with different times so EU and US can be up at a reasonable hour.



  1. Logged in like 8 mins after the event was suppose to begin
  2. Got in the zone with Daynab
  3. Waited like another 10-15 mins for the boss to spawn with basically unbearable lag
  4. Hit the boss and died immediately (Prob cause I hit it 1st)
  5. Ran back and got 75 Dram from the drop
  6. 2nd time I didn’t even hit the Boss and died immediately from I guess the Boss AoE?
  7. Ran back and no drop because I never hit it and the boss must have died before i got back.
  8. Logged out cause it was too laggy and nothing of value was being gained.



Showed up early, bunch of people already there, already laggy, Outlander shows up, spawns boss, super laggy, boss dies, get 75 dram, he answers a bunch of questions but couldn’t hear too well cause audio issues, get told on discord Daynab is in the other shard, get invited to that shard and he’s there answering questions and chatting with a group of people but couldn’t spawn the boss, Outlander shows up like 15min later while we’re all talking and boss spawns a few more times, more deaths and kills, just dram, people start to leave and we just huddle around the 2 devs asking various questions and giving feedback on stuff this goes on for quite some time, some more people leave to do desert world boss, rest stay for Q&A some more time passes and we go to tradu world boss do 2 or 3 kills and notice is 3am so go to bed.

I had a great time apart from the lag and love to see the devs in game answering questions and taking our feedback!


ya it seemed alot more like a server stress test then an event … events have cool quest or never before seen monsters and/or a chance at a rare loot or skin. it was just an average world boss run we do every week but less organized. also i left at a certain point but the boss spawned 4 times in a short period then was that it?


We hear your feedback and completely understand your criticisms, and we apologize if anyone wasn’t able to participate because of the amount of lag, time zone and other reasons.
We’re going to do better types of events in the future, ones that don’t throw everyone in at the same time and have rewards for participating in.

Here is more details about it from Robert in the other thread: Dev World Boss Event Sat 10/13/2018 7 PM CST

Wanted to make a post this morning and address a few of the comments in this thread, and also some of the conversations I heard while we were doing the Dev event. First I want to apologize to anyone that showed up and because of the lag wasn’t able to participate in the event. I also wanted to go over a few things that I learned while doing this event.

There was a misunderstanding that Elongota would be dropping the World Boss cape, or a different type of reward for doing this event. That’s my fault, and I should have made it clearer that was not the intent of this event. The intent was for part of the Dev team to be able to get into the game and interact with the community for a few hours. The Dev interaction part of the event seemed to go really well, Mathieu and I were able to speak with the community and spend a couple of hours hanging out and talking. I also learned that in the future these types of events need to be spanning more than a couple of hours to accommodate for different time zones, and also to help with the lag of 60+ players and monsters all trying to kill each other.

What this means going forward is that the next Dev-led event will consist of a different activity that is capable of spanning more than a few hours, will feature a unique drop specific to this event, and we will better prepare for the amount of players that come for these events. In addition to that, I just want to note that one of the main things we are working on in Reborn is addressing the graphical demands of the game to make these type of mass-player interactions run more smoothly.

Thanks again to everyone who showed up and talked with us, one of my favorite parts of the Dev experience is always being able to spend time in-game talking with fellow OrbusVR players.


Thank you so much for hearing our feedback! We really appreciate it!

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