Dev World Boss Event Sat 10/13/2018 7 PM CST


Just wanted to post this one more time to make sure everyone sees it that wants to go. Well be meeting outside of Lakewood Inn at 7 PM CST. This will be the first time trying a level scaled World boss, so everyone that can make it come out and help no matter what level. There will be a couple of us Devs on to fight along side you and hang out in between kills.

If you have never done a World boss this is your chance to join in on the fun, hope to see you all there


World bosses are my fave thing ever. I love the community working together and I cant wait to do a scaled one!!
Do yall think that we will have problems with sharding and overloading the servers?


Will be be receiving any drops from this?


thinks back to gold rush


since its scaled it will only drop the same items the DTR mobs have bedn dropping so no rings, mainly just meant to be a fun time see how fast we can get the boss down.


So is this a new world boss just for this event or is it a scaled version of the existing?


Scaled version of the existing boss.


Will the bosses still drop capes for the people still missing them?


My initial feedback is it was laggy and exceedingly underwhelming. Hopefully you collected some good data that can help you in further development. Would like to throw my vote in that I really hate scaled content. Nothing makes your leveling/gear seem more pointless than a lvl 1 scaled redtail beating your ass while you lag on your level 20 in T14 gear. I know that was largely due to server lag and heals not really landing, but stil…


Yes, I marked this event in my calendar and blocked out time. It was chaotic and lots of lag.

Would of been cool if we got a Halloween drop? (ahem, Sentry Pet dressed up in a skeleton outfit)


Yeah, unfortunately I think a lot of people were disappointed by this as the community has been starved for new content/activities lately. This was really more of a stress test, which are of course extremely valuable, are also often not super fun.


I enjoyed it. . . 20characters


I just logged off, thanks for everyone that came out. I got to talk and hang out with the alot of the community and kill some monsters so I appreciate everyone that made time to come. There were some ideas thrown out by the community for the next event, possibly a scavenger hunt, that could be an upcoming event.


Would’ve stayed up till 2am if the rings were dropping which I’d like to have on an alt… with nothing in it that was too much effort, sadly.

As what people said for lags, that been extreme for me at all tradu world boss runs (and half of the Sanyael ones, but only the very crowded), it was nearly impossible to even run back if one died, healing was a matter of luck. I wonder if it’s just the number of players, would be sad to restrict it, but perhaps splitting them to 25 or 30 - or dynamically, around half the size of the group as long as it’s still over number x - would help with that issue.

As for scaling in general, a totally scaled world would make me stop playing. It takes a minute to take some lvl 20 mobs down with the musky, so good-bye farming. I like running around killing things just for dram, reagents, dyes, and fishing mats, all that would be gone. The world-bosses though, for them it’s a nice idea because the various low levels which are there anyway are finally more useful.
I actually hope all three bosses get scaled before reborn, the world-bosses are barely done anymore, but if really all could participate, no matter the level, perhaps there’s a revival, people could gear up their alts with rings etc.


Should up the main defend the realm a few thousand as compensation!


Wanted to make a post this morning and address a few of the comments in this thread, and also some of the conversations I heard while we were doing the Dev event. First I want to apologize to anyone that showed up and because of the lag wasn’t able to participate in the event. I also wanted to go over a few things that I learned while doing this event.

There was a misunderstanding that Elongota would be dropping the World Boss cape, or a different type of reward for doing this event. That’s my fault, and I should have made it clearer that was not the intent of this event. The intent was for part of the Dev team to be able to get into the game and interact with the community for a few hours. The Dev interaction part of the event seemed to go really well, Mathieu and I were able to speak with the community and spend a couple of hours hanging out and talking. I also learned that in the future these types of events need to be spanning more than a couple of hours to accommodate for different time zones, and also to help with the lag of 60+ players and monsters all trying to kill each other.

What this means going forward is that the next Dev-led event will consist of a different activity that is capable of spanning more than a few hours, will feature a unique drop specific to this event, and we will better prepare for the amount of players that come for these events. In addition to that, I just want to note that one of the main things we are working on in Reborn is addressing the graphical demands of the game to make these type of mass-player interactions run more smoothly.

Thanks again to everyone who showed up and talked with us, one of my favorite parts of the Dev experience is always being able to spend time in-game talking with fellow OrbusVR players.

DEV World Boss Event Drop?

I really like the idea of spawning enemies that anyone can fight for a event around highstep, but you really should at least connect it to something. Like the defend the realm. This time I killed it a few times, then figured “what’s the point?” And logged off


I think that the first event was bumpy but would have been fun if it where not so laggy. That fight is never done anymore. It was neat to see it. I absolutely adored the world boss 3 fight. That was great. It was nice to see so many of the older faces also!


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