Devs Please HELP!, im big dumb

Hello there I just recently bought the steam version of orbus vr, I already have it for my oculus and I wanted to buy the steam version for my wife. but I accidentally used the same account as my oculus and now I cant log out. if I cant get any help I will sadly have to return the game, and I really don’t want to do that so if any devs could help that would be awesome.

@Mathieu_D - He should be able to log out and sign into the other account if I am not mistaken correct?

nope sadlly look: How can I logout from OrbusVR?

Ah, yeah Mathieu will need to unlink you from the steam account then.

yeah lol thats why im crying for help

@jose_s private message the dev

I did I private messaged them since yesterday and its been around 16 hours and nothing,

Replied via PMs, will handle it over there.

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