DEVS Please help to reach the game!

I have a problem to start the game. When I am choosing my character from the inviting screen, it starting as usual, and instead of my home room I saw a report of broken connection , and it returns again back to invite screen. It started 2 or 3 days ago. I have no problem of starting another VR games from Oculus or Steam. When I have created another character of level 1 it gave me the chance to get in, but close the connection in a few seconds. I am playing in OrbusVR already more than 2 years, and I have not experienced nothing like that before. I am afraid that if I will reinstall the OrbusVR, I will loose my character, and I have it for a long time with 6 classes on 30.
Please advise ,

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Is your friend list online in steam? Reinstalling the game won’t remove your characters, they are saved server side

Hi, have you tried the other connection options in the main menu? At the bottom left, see if picking one of the other ones help with the issue.

Let us know.

Dear friends,
Thank you for your support and advises. I have tried to reinstall the game, and it was not helpful. The game was still unreachable, until I have decided to change the server. I am using the VPN service, and I thought that may be all my problems are in a bandwidth or the quality of the service. And it really was the issue. Another server gave me the game back.
So I am very thankful to the team of OrbisVR for the great game. and to the friendly players.


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