Did I level up or didn't I?

I logged on to the game just now and noticed I had 3 quests at gold level to hand in to the mayor. I was very nearly at the end of level 21 ranger so I was expecting the golden glow and sound accompanying a level-up. When it didn’t happen after the second quest hand-in, I looked up and noticed my experience bar hadn’t moved. I then handed-in the third quest and all of a sudden my experience bar moved back round to the start and to where I expected it should be for 3 quest rewards. Sadly, there was still no golden glow and I’m still level 21.

This has got me doubting my sanity. I’m now not sure whether I really was level 21, although I’m 99% sure I was. Certainly I had a level 21 bow equipped already although I appreciate it’s possible to do this normally anyway. The other thing is, I normally hand-in my quests before I log off for the night so perhaps I’d already handed-in those quests and that’s why I didn’t level up.

I noticed my dragons haven’t finished breeding either, even though there’s no fire, and they’re both still showing as ‘playful’. Is this down to the clocks going forward this morning?

Hmm, well, logged back in just now and apparently I am now level 22.

Dragons still haven’t finished breeding though, even though it really has been 12 hours since I set them going. I’ll just reset them.

Sounds like you probably desynced from the server. This is a fairly common issue. Relogging/rebooting the game usually fixes it. As far as the dragons go, make sure that they are happy and the little flame shows up. Otherwise, they won’t breed. There was also some server funkiness over the last day or so - might have reset the timer on your dragons if some of that happened while they were in the tank. :woman_shrugging:

The flame was showing last night when I left them to it. Today I literally just took them out and put them straight back in and the flame reappeared. Probably down to server funkiness, as you say.

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