Didn't get 2nd fishing rod

i got the crafting page but not the rod your friendly neighbor Coonell

there’s another fishing rod?

I don’t think there is. U get the rod once u return after crafting the bait… and that’s it. Never heard about a 2nd rod

The 4th catch of the day specifically says the quest giver will reward you with a better fishing rod after completing it. I also did not get a fishing rod when completing the quest. And I have seen others with a different fishing rod so there is at least something else out there.

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Robert is going to fix that, the better rods are not in the game yet.

Sorry about the confusion this is some old text that was left in from Beta testing, there are other rods that you will earn through doing more fishing quests, which will have greater line strength but they are not set up and in game yet. There is also fishing gear (cape,hlem,etc) that will also be available once we get it in game. Sorry about the confusion once we do a patch it will clear out the old text that was in there. Thanks


Are these strictly rewards from fishing quests? can i get any items in the world or from fishing itself?

please make fishing equipment random catches. catching boots is a trope i want to perpetuate

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But we don’t have legs or feet!

even better…label them as mysterious relics


Just make them shoulder accessories! That’s how @Elijah_W handled the issue.

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