Different scoundrel ultimate?


I think this would be more ideal and would feel pretty badass too. Not a guaranteed hit, still reliant on player talent which feels better imo (like mage, ranger, and musket).

Just a thought. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d love to do an overwatch reaper ult with scoundrel! :slight_smile:


Haha love the idea. That super would change the playstyle directly which I haven’t seen in a class yet (no ability to grab cards though :thinking:). Realisticly probably too crazy of a super to make :sweat_smile:

Alternatively I would love to see something like fast regen bullits so you just spam shoot for a long time. Or super fast card regen. Where you can actually grab a card once every second which would give you a crazy fast rythm of shooting.


This would be good as ability or change of mechanics in either case; the card management is very limited if you only can draw like 1 card per trash pack. Buffing cards to get combinations takes way too long.
Most cards I just use cuz this is more effective than burning or saving them for combinations which only apply when we are nearly done with trash. I normally have a spread in belt for the poison and burn 1-2 others, every time, but that’s basically it with ‘management’ outside bossfights…

Super: I hear scoundrels, including myself, cursing when they trigger it accidentally which is pretty much the opposite a super’s effect should be right :smiley: … anything would be better.


I would like something that made any regular shot a charged shot (or reduce time to charge) so it could be used as an “oh, sh*t” interrupt, or just for large amounts of extra damage for 5 seconds or something. Or maybe just fully reloads your bullets and has one clip of “armor break” bullets that have the above effect and do not recharge, so once you fire all 6 the super ends


I’m pretty comfortable with the deck timing and rotations I suppose is what I’m saying… but it would be interesting to just have cards flying one per bullet as an ult as a unique way to damage boost. Although, I’m not 100% convinced that it would increase the output as it may encourage you away from a carefully timed rotation. there’s 6-7 cards… if you shot one per shot, 1 would debuff, 2-3 would slightly amp their bullets, 1 would like frost 1 level slow, 1 would imperceptibly increase crit chance, 1 would heal you unnecessarily… etc.

Compare that to the damage that careful time shot management, applying fire to that, possibly utilizing an empower if you’re lucky etc.

I’d still play the same way I do and out damage that ult I figure, plus you have to be trying to keep your show off buff up while flinging those cards and shooting to use them.


That’s not how you play scoundrel though, it would indeed be a waste of cards if you use each and every one… the advantage of a faster deck would be burning cards and actually get the benefit out of combos! The point I tried to make is that it takes way too long to get the best combos (like spread-poison, boost-flame) in time, at least for trash groups.

Btw recently for some reason, for me, it is absolutely horrible finding the belt-spot which makes card management really hard. A slight visual indicator on where exactly we are supposed to store would help.


Still trying to grasp the card system actually. For one it’s in the way of my left move so I accidentally fire off a card without even trying.

Second you can burn each card which makes it time consuming and burning does not have an affect I assume but there is still a graphic above - so it does?

The journal states that you can empower by burning two cards, or does it mean for example getting vine and putting it on your belt until you get the other one and then throw vine up and burn the other one? Is that how it works? Being the deck is random everytime you really have to prepare which in turn leads to trouble because while you are busy sorting your cards powers you should be shooting.

I finally just gave up and started throwing every card up.


Use a card by letting go of it in the air (it will float up to the top). If you strike an enemy, you will get the benefits from the card. Burn a card to add an effect to the card you’re using (trigger button, burn effect, purply glow on the card you’re using). Store a card to use it later.


The burns do have an effect. They are very unnoticable though. I had to understand them fully first too before feeling like it did anything xD. There are 6 different cards and 3 effect. Every effect can be obtained by burning either of the 2 cards that give that effect:

  • Blue effect makes your card on top more powerful. Example: You burn the frost card and get the blue effect. Then you put a red flame card on it and fire your bullit on an enemy. You will notice that your flame card does more damage then normally.
  • Purple effect makes the next card spread. Which will only work with the poison card or weakness card. Because other cards have no spread capability :man_shrugging: So example: Burn the flame card to get the purple effect. Then grab a poison card and when you hit a mob in a group all mobs get the poison effect.
  • And the Red effect puts the next card back in the deck after shooting it. So that means you are going to grab that card again within the number of cards left in the deck. Example: burn the ash card (also red looking) then grab a poison card. When you hit a mob the poison card gets back in the deck on for example spot 4. So you will grab the poison card again on spot 4 in your deck.

If you go to the back of your journal (while wearing the class) it should also explain the same thing (Without examples though). It will also tell you what cards give what effect.

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