Difficult Time Picking a Discipline

Hey all, new player here looking for some later game insight on disciplines. I find myself playing alone a lot… have Musketeer and Ranger to level 4 and Runemage to level 7. Any suggestions on good solo play class? I want to be able to do damage but have some survival. Ranger feels like my arm will get tired and Runemage fizzles come at the worst times…

Hope you can help guide a new player like me.

That would only describe ranger.

  • Runemage: most damage but dies fastest when getting hit. You can however play it smart to almost not getting hit at all. The class is not really forgiving. If you fail you fail :confused:
  • Musketeer: least damage but because of healing has a very high survivability. It is also the class with the least movement so you won’t get tired the same way as the other classes make you tired.
  • Warrior: Tanks a lot of hits but does not a lot of damage. It is also really tiring but you can survive a lot of situations.
  • Ranger: Does good amount of damage and has some survival but will die way faster than warrior and musket in solo play. r.i.p arm thou. But not as bad as warrior :stuck_out_tongue:

But all the classes are made in a way that if you play it smart you should survive a 1v1 with a mob. So maybe keep playing with all the classes. If you get tired from one because of fatigue or our poor arms, use another class to continue. I mostly use warrior to walk past mobs, mage to play tactical skill games with mobs, ranger to actually think less while fighting (just an opinion) and musket when grouping sometimes.


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