Directional pad movement after combat bug

Using Oculus Rift w/ Touch on Windows 10 Pro x64, i7-5820 3.3GHz CPU and GeForce GTX 1070.

When combat is over I am unable to slide move using the thumb stick on the left controller until I first move the camera using the thumb stick on the right controller. Additionally, I herbs on the ground will prevent forward movement.

I’ll look into the first issue. In relation to the second issue, how soon after you harvest the item do you attempt to move forward again? I think you may be trying to move too quickly and that the harvestable collision box may not have been removed yet. Thanks for reporting!

Often get stuck on those collision boxes. Also have to rotate alot to reach the herbs. as im to far away if running straight on it.

Is there a way to diferentiate the layers of body blocking collision boxes and the one for the harvest tool so we can maby stand ontop of a flower for example?

I think slide movement should move around objects (at the right angle) rather than stopping movement all together. That would solve a ton of issues.


I’m actually not harvesting them. I know I should, but I’m still new and not past pointing a sword at a bunny and yelling “THE PAIN TRAINS COMIN!” yet. The warrior charge activation is just awesome :smile:

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