Disable or limit haptics on login menu

I understand that haptics is there to tell the player to look at their controller so they can manipulate the menu. This however can create some issues:

  1. It drains the batteries noticeably faster on the controller that is vibrating when measuring the battery capacity over 5 minutes
  2. The haptics lasts forever until you log in
  3. If you open the Steam menu, this stops the vibrating, but if you leave the steam menu up for a few minutes and then close it, the controller will vibrate many many times in a row very quickly

I propose you limit the number of times it vibrates to alert new players how to log in. Or perhaps make it so that after 5 logins, it no longer vibrates to remind people how to use the pointer finger to log in. Or at the very least fix the issue where the steam menu will build up the number of times it will vibrate.

Another concern was that when charging both controllers while idling on the main menu, the controller vibrating had not charged nearly as fast as the controller that was not over a period of 30 minutes.

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You could just close the game, it launches super fast. I think clicking the player name button also stops it

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Yes I understand you can close the game. My point is that the haptics are something that can be changed to accommodate players logging into the game after a few times as well. Right now its unavoidable and like I said, a battery hog. Right now this issue prevents all types of idling at that screen and is completely unnecessary from a design standpoint.

You could for example, have a splash window that tells you the exact same thing without haptics which can only be removed via confirmation push of the OK button on that window. Viola, a simple solution for teach the player without needing to constantly vibrate the controller.

Or you could have it to vibrate for a limited time. Number of logins. Hours played. Days played. Number of times logged in. Level reached. Account age. Etc.

I feel like it could just be removed. All the conditional ideas you describe just add complexity, so I think either status quo or completely remove it.

Did you try selecting a character but not logging in?

confirmed that hitting the character name button stops the haptic

Thats a good workaround. I hope they consider removing it and just putting a message in the background instead.

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