Disable quest turnins if you don't have a class

The other day I died and my wand broke, kicking me out of my runemage class and leaving me without a class. I didn’t notice this as I was turning in a quest right after spawning in the graveyard and lost 1500xp. Would it be possible to disable turning in quests if you don’t have a class equipped?

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Are you sure it didn’t apply to that class anyway?

I suppose this is where numbers next to an XP bar would come in handy.

Ya, I noticed after the fact that I was a level 1 nothing. When I repaired and re-equipped my wand, my xp bar had not moved.

Yeah I believe I have done that before, where I turned in a quest while my gear was broken, and it didn’t look like it gave me xp. I also run into issues where I seem to hand in quest under my mage class by accident as I use the wand to teleport around, though I wanted the xp to apply to my archer. The whole xp gain from quests could be a little more intuitive, or maybe just apply to all combat classes.

Thanks for reporting this, we’ll look into it!

or just stop awarding quest xp .it never hurt an elder scrolls game

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