Disappearing pillars in Temple dungeon

I had it maybe 4x so far in all the dungeon runs. Where half the pillars (once even all of them) are invisible for me. Idk if other ppl are ever experiencing this? A relog fixes it so far.

With all pillars:

Missing the red and purple pillars:

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Hi, thanks for reporting. We weren’t able to find the cause of this yet, but we were wondering if someone else has experienced this so far?

Same dungeon but not the same group/day/etc., I had one of the orb pillars for Mist Keeper disappear until I relogged. Haven’t run the dungeon since, so haven’t had a repeat.

This happend once to me a while back. hasn’t happend after that, maybe a couple of weeks ago.

I think it doesn’t happen often to many because many do not touch temple alot. The average temple run amount of very active players is less than 10.

This boss is also still leashing on the pillars. We had it happen 2 days ago.


Were going to push out a server side patch later today with some shard scaling tweaks, and also another attempt at getting the pillar leashing to stop happening.

@Robert what time of day is this? We need to know if this interferes our playtime…

It wont be a hard server restart, once we roll it out it will take effect for all new dungeons from that point on so it wont interfere with any dungeons in progress. Were just finishing up testing so should be round 3-4 pm unless we find something last minute in testing.

edit: its server side only no client so no download also

The patch Robert mentioned above is live! (for new dungeons)

any more info on the shard scaling tweaks he mentioned?

It’s in. I changed it so we can tweak the health and damage scaling separately. Health scaling is the same, but damage scaling has been toned down for 11-15. Didn’t want to make too big of changes for now. Basically just shaving damage off.

We did directly Nerf the mist damage on mist keeper as well.

And I changed how fireballs from Scav Mages track their target. Now you should be able to consistently dodge the fireball if you git gud and time it right.

Sorry this change got delayed, bugs cropped up from the patch that took priority.


By a big amount, or??? It really wasn’t a problem on our group. As long as your not doing the old game strat.

Maybe palidin will be a more viable option now since they dont have a insta dash to leave the slam

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Mechanical challange is something I really like about this game. Not dps challange because the mechanics become too easy to be any focus at all anymore. Its prob still not easy though. So will be fine with it. Still a bit disapointed. Thats all. But I will always find my ways to keep being entertained.

They didn’t say they tweaked the aoe.

The way you handle it as a pally is:

  • you count the 3 normal hits.
  • you lose all globes after the 3th hit
  • drop you hammer in front of the boss (don’t touch boss)
  • jump out of aoe
  • teleport back to hammer
  • lose your gained globes and 99% shield the tankbuster.

And you should be fine. Needs some practice. Went alone to that boss multiple times to practice that to the point the boss didn’t move anymore.

Just wanting to follow up on the fix we pushed out to try and stop the pillar leashing, haven’t seen any feedback (or I missed it) so just checking in on this

It leashed last week on us twice.