Discord Integration

I think the title is pretty self-explanatory. It would be nice if Orbus had some kind of Discord integration. It would be super useful to access things like guild servers mid-game, and especially VCs. I don’t exactly know how it would be done, but nevertheless, it’s a feature that I and many others would happily welcome.

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Easy for PCVR users since you can run both Discord and Orbus at the same time.

The Quest can’t handle running two apps at a time so that’s not as easy (or even possible) to do. You can use a phone app to run Discord so you can play and talk.

Orbus has a voice chat option for parties but it is rarely used - the compass. Can’t use it reliably in activities.

I completely get that. I was referring to Quest users moreso anyways. Again, I don’t know how it would work, but it’d be convenient, especially if you want to talk to someone who isn’t in game at that moment


The only thing convenient about the Quest is it being portable x3 been using the link ever since I got it.


I think orbus should make their own official discord!!!1

Wait, they should actually just fix the voice bug in the game, that way we don’t need discord at all!

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With official discord channel, we win!

If it was that easy, they’d have solved it by now.


True!!..The desync bug, cause of many bugs

They don’t want to have official stuff. We have the armoury for a reason, a lot of off-clinic stuff for that matter.

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Hah, aint that a super fact!!

Orbus doesnt’ care about us…

It would probably be because of the Quest imo x3 they need separate builds for quest and pc.

on a technical side, YUP!! on a PR side, NOPE!!

Who is this person? @ning_w my guy your responses to everything seem so bot like :robot:


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LOL thanks!

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