Discussion about dps meters?

I would imagine that we are a llloooonnnnggg way from caring about dps meters but I was curious about this community’s opinions on them. Do you think they will ever show up? Do you think you would ever want them? Can they ever show up?

Personally, I never really formed an opinion. To me, they simply are, or are not. If they’re in game, I tend to use them to figure out rotations. If they aren’t… hmmm, can’t think of any mmo’s that didn’t have them. Anyway, I don’t really care, I was just wondering what y’all thought of dps meters and vr?

I would love to see dps meters. It helps you analyze and perfect your class as a dps class

Personally I’ve never like dps meters. It turns it from a fun game into a min-max elitist “must use this meta” game. I’m pretty adamant on my stance.

I think VR makes it even more unnecessary. In mmos the rotations are key presses. In vr it’s spell rotations and if you mess up 1 cast your dps tanks. I think it would do more harm than good.


I have to agree with Logan on this one. Not really a fan of the dps meter here.


I agree with Logan as well. In the guilds I’ve ran we largely asked people not to use them or post their results as it drove down raid discipline dramatically, with people so eager to get their damage going and as high as possible that they would regularly pull aggro, move the mobs out of position, get themselves and others killed, blame the healers, etc.


Isn’t it always the healer’s fault? :stuck_out_tongue: I can’t think of a more thankless job! A lot of the crap I hear said towards healers makes me cringe. Especially from bad tanks.
A shout out for anyone willing to tackle that role!!!

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I’m also in agreement with Logan and I think Draven makes some excellent points.

Personally, and I know I’ve said this before so please excuse my broken record, I’m not a fan of anything that is immersion breaking and I can’t think of a very clean way to incorporate a DPS meter. So even if they did exist I doubt I would have much interest.


lol, all you guys who don’t like damage meters are clearly the ones at the bottom of the meters. Meters are great for testing out spell rotations to maximize dps. If someone from the same class was killing you in meters, you would get tips from them to help your numbers. A lot of it was basic math to help with damage. Of course people can abuse it and pull aggro and all of that non-sense, but that’s on them for being stupid, that has nothing to do with the meters.


I like it in some other games, understand where you are coming from though. I just don’t think I would like it in Orbus. Damage is right, I also can’t think of a clean way to implement it and I don’t really see there being a point in it with the current classes. Not much to mix up besides runemage right now and that’s easy enough to figure out on your own.

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Honestly, I’m for no dps meter in orbus, a bit immersion breaking.

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I vote no for dps meters. Believe me you will know if someone is not pulling their weight in DPS. It also is very wise in this game to let the tank build aggro. Unless his name is Logan in which case unload and listen him yell at the boss for not hitting him. :slight_smile:


So I think FF14 actually has the best response to this I’ve seen. They don’t natively support GUI modding (so therefore no built-in DPS meters in the game), but they do output a lot of stuff to an output log which can be parsed by external programs to do DPS meters. Then they basically have an official policy which is, if you want to use DPS meters that’s fine, but any “DPS meter shaming”, or really just discussing them at all with other people in-game in PuGs and whatnot, is considered a violation of their Code of Conduct and can get you banned.

So if someone eventually figures out a way to make an external DPS meter that’s fine, and if you choose to use it to improve your own performance that’s your decision, but we won’t tolerate the community becoming toxic in the form of people harassing others about their DPS performance in-game.

The one exception to that which we’re likely at some point to consider implementing is a threat meter for the tank. It’s probably not going to be exact, but what I’d like to give is a bar for the tank that shows “Their Threat” on the target vs.the highest “Other Person’s” threat, so you can get a sense of “I’m far enough ahead on threat that I can do some extra damage here” or “Wow I’m barely staying ahead of this Runemage!”.


That seems like the best approach tbh, I’d like to have dps meter to challenge myself and tinker around with diferent setups but if there is none its not the end of the world.

Maybe only show dps numbers on testing dummies or something??? that would allow people to test stuff and see what works best for them, while also preventing toxicity in dungeons/raids.

I’ll throw this in the mix as well: dps shaming in a 2d game can be pretty ugly, we all agree on that. Now you connect that shame with actual physical ability: is the person a clutz in rl? How can you tell if someone is handicapped or just a clutz? Is it any of your business? I think that this can ratchet up the damage of shaming to a real issue!
I do like the idea of some kind of dps meter on a npc dummy for practice/rotation use, but even that can be iffy. In the spirit of play, the comparison of players numbers should be meaningless; it’s just the players numbers as he/she changes up rotations that matter.
VR does throw interesting perspectives on things, doesn’t it?

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If it’s possible to hide the player lvl too, that will be perfect :slight_smile:

Edit : Nevermind, it’s already perfect !!

Sounds like you guys have been playing with the wrong crowd. I haven’t had that much experience with dps shamers, then again I have always played in mature guilds where people treated each other with respect. It definitely helped out on bosses to know which people had the highest dps (burst and over time) to decide if they were on adds or on a boss. Everyone has a job to do during boss mechanics and the meters certainly helped to decide what to do. No one got offended if they were on adds or on the boss, everyone was happy to just get the boss down and get loot:)

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I think this is really more of an issue with pick up groups than it is inside guilds. Generally speaking when it comes to guilds everyone is on the same page about how dedicated they are to doing the content, if DPS meters are okay or not, etc. I don’t think anyone has a problem with that. If you don’t like the guild’s policy it’s not a good fit for you.

However, the problem is when you get people who are grouping with random other players who then berate them for not knowing the mechanics, being too low on the DPS meter, etc. And that’s something that we wouldn’t tolerate.


After playing mage for an hour or two, I think I can safely say that the mage doesn’t need a dps meter: it needs a profanity filter! Casting spells is a bitcx! (not complaining) I never knew that drawing a straight line was so hard! :joy:

No to global DPS meters, but I wouldn’t be opposed to having some kind of meter utility attached to the dummy stations.