Dissapearing loot bag bug


Lamavora 13:15 CET


Do you run with a plunderer dragon?


I had kinda the same issue, I even see the loot bag my dragon is going for it, the loot bag is gone but no item, also not in the log on top…


Last night in Lamavora I had died, but party killed the mob and I thought I saw a loot bag that would be mine. It disappeared / I lost sight of it before being rezed. I have a plunderer dragon but didn’t notice her pick it up nor notice an addition in my inventory. I assumed I either was mistaken or had overlooked what it may have been. Figured I’d just missed the text, too.


Nope. No dragon.


This is the 4th time this has happened to me… I bet one of them had the overworld drops too… gg.


Haha I bet in the few I lost was mine drop too :rofl:

But seriously it’s still happening for me too


Looks like maybe it is putting it into the floor…

I will bump up the Y axis on those in today’s patch and see if that helps.

Also I checked the logs and sadly you have not gotten an overworld drop.


did you already bump the floor? I just lost another bag after i installed the patch.


I mentioned in the thread that the patch had been rolled out to Highsteppe but will roll out to other zones throughout the day. Would be active for any new instances like dungeons though.

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ah got it. Thanks.