Do you guys need some hardware to host from?

hi guys! just curious, what’s the current situation of your servers? are you renting a VPS or do you own your hardware?

If you need any extra power, i have a couple weaker rigs and a core i5 box i can hook up and give you remote access to. only limit is 20 megabit of upload speed, but i have 300 down. not sure if that helps at all.

obviously no good xeons here or anything, but if it helps in any way i can set you guys up with some free hardware :slight_smile:

Hey there,

We’re actually rocking a E3-1270 v5 3.6GHz Skylake dedicated host right now, with a 1GB connection.

The problems we’re experiencing are much more software-related than hardware :slight_smile:

Thanks for your offer, though!

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roger roger, sounds good. thanks!