Do you know da Way? We do! Join Ready Player One


Ready Player One and Ready Player two is now recruiting for our raid team. We are in need of some mages and rangers, But all classes are welcome .

We are a casual fellowship who’s main goal is to have fun and laugh our butts off. We pride our selves in helping the community and having fun with each other .

Most players are on around 6-10pm cst.

We do have discord server and encourage use but isn’t required.
Just be prepared for fun and a lot of playful banter.

Please message me here, find me in game on Damander or join our discord to find me.
Click the link below for a direct connection to RPO discord.


We’re also looking for da queen. She also knows da wae


haha, upvote friend!!


Dey know da wey…


clickclicklickclickclickclick spit

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