Does provoke work?

I am warrior level 8.
Last night, I play with lv9 ranger.
When I rush to enemy(bee and hog), they are gone to ranger. And they never come back to me T-T…
< > ^ command was useless.
so I equip small shield and use wound and shield bash hardly.

Does provoke work? or command failure?

I haven’t had problems with it! My combos seem to work on and off though as well

It’s like any other mmo- teamwork is important. Of course you can’t keep aggro if your ranger just immediately does a ton of dps without giving you a second to build it. Provoke definitely works and my handy tank @Logan can possibly testify to that fact?

Provoke works by giving you x amount of threat per provoke. So if a ranger is dpsing 1 target getting massive amounts of threat you have to provoke it A LOT to get aggro back. Choosing which targets to focus on is important. If my ranger buddy is destroying an enemy and I know there’s no way to get aggro back, I just let him do his work and gather all the other enemies.

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+1 I am a ranger, and I will usually wait for tank to get enough aggro if I feel like I can’t handle one mob myself, otherwise I just go ham and knock em down as fast as possible.

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