Doing something crazy at Ice Spit

I’m camping out at the ice area because I have to kill 18 of each animal and I want a higher level gun. I’m a level 12 musketeer and I’m at the town. What I did was logged out there. When I come back on, i’ll be waiting for some higher level players to party up with. Somebody please help its freezing out here. My name is Altspace John, I guess you could say I’m a little strange.


LoL what you crazy fool. I would stroll down there and give you a blanket if i was in world and maby a cup of hot chocolate. Have you not heard. The might Penguin men of frost and those darn tigers of theirs shred lowbies like you on sight.

May i propose easier prey, perhaps within the hotter regions of the world?

These Days they say the exp in those parts are great and the pray plentifull

Lol, strange? Nonsense. Guy came out of no where, helped me in the rainforest, then took me to the desert killed some stuff and I got a sweet hat. Hopefully you got your gun for Christmas!

Thank you kind sir. I heard, that indeed the experience there and a maiden that walks among the desert desert creatures is very fair. I heard of great worms that burrough and and walking cacti that get right to the POINT.
You know, maybe your right, I’ll take the plight and go strait to that Joint.

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