Doors and Teleport Runes and the spawn direction

Hello, perhaps some might agree with me or perhaps I might have missed something about the game. In the ~2 years that i’ve played, when going through doors or when teleporting. I feel confused about the direction I face everytime I end up on the other side.
For example, I will go through the house door back to highsteppe, when I end up on the other side, I spawn sideways.
Or if I go to the pillar, teleport to say, old growth. Since I was facing the pillar when I teleported, I would expect to be facing the pillar when I land on the other side.

Is this something that Orbus can fix or is this something that Orbus wanted in the game?


I agree. I have found that a little confusing why I am facing a door when I just opened one and was teleported through.

Out of curiosity, check your compass whenever you do this. We’ve noticed that shaman totems always face east. I wonder if you the player always spawns facing a direction as well.

I never had that problem

That’s a very interesting observation. I will have to try it with different classes.
Eitherway though, if it does change with every class, it only adds to the confusion?

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Almost positive it keeps your rotation; raid teleport can face you differently based on what way you face


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