Double Hands during gameplay and logon screen

Anyone else randomly getting both the oculus hands and the orbus hands? I usually have to relog to fix the issue. and it doesnt affect gameplay just really messes with my head. I tried to take a screen shot of the issue but the screenshot only picks up the orbus hands.

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Are you using the Core 2.0 Beta?

yes I am. known issue then?

Yeah I’m not totally sure what causes it, maybe some other folks who have had that issue can chime in. I do know it’s happened to me in more than one VR program, though, so I think it’s something on their end not ours. Still, I feel like I read someone had a workaround to get it to go away without needing to restart the whole game…

i posted on the oculus forums about it with out any response. I really like core 2.0 but I really hope they get all the bugs fixed with it. patience right? lol

I get the same issue on the logon screen for vive randomly.
Both my hands will show on a single controller back to back but once I login it goes away.

Just hit the home button and again to get back to game, this happens to me 60% of the time and thats how i fix it.

This happens to me in oculus Home. Definitely an issue on the oculus side of things.

Thanks. Ill give that a try the next time it happens.

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Seems to happen if you launch Orbus before putting on your headset and waking up the controllers. If you first at least cover the Rift’s sensor so that it launches you into the white space (or your home) before you start Orbus, you shouldn’t get that.

And even when you do, like suggested by Sulon, just open the home menu and close it to get rid of them

I feel like that actually makes sense. I had just restarted the oculus software due to some vrclient crashes. So the controllers probably werent on and im pretty sure i launched orbus with the mouse. Ill try to keep that in mind for now on as i have had this happen a few times now. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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