Downloading Ahead of Time

Hey Everyone,

I’m new to OrbusVR and the forums and am very excited by what I see so far!

I’m hoping to be able to play in the upcoming Closed Alpha test and was wondering how the client download works?

Is the client released for download a day or two early? I live on an island in the Bering Sea and if it’s a large file I may need a night or two to get the download completed in time when the satellite is in line. Hoping not to spend most of the test time downloading.

My apologies if this is a stupid question that I’m just unaware of having not participated in earlier tests.

Thanks for your time!


We’ll be releasing the client in about a week. Thanks to our new patching system, you will just download a small file and then it will download the rest of the game, and since it downloads it as multiple files if you need to download it over multiple ‘sessions’ that shouldn’t be an issue. Then once the game is live if we need to update something to fix a major bug, you will just re-download the patched file which is much smaller than the whole game download.

That said, were you a part of the Stress Tests? I’ve never tested the game with satellite Internet access so you’ll have to let me know how well it works…

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Awesome, thank you very much for the info good sir!

Unfortunately I was not a part of any of the stress tests. I learned about the wonderful goodness that is OrbusVR a little to late for the last one. I’ll have to let you know how things go with slower speeds.

Thanks for all that you do!