Dragon Race Reborn- Underwater Preview


Just wanted to share one of the new dragon races you have to look forward to in the next Beta test (still a work in progress). Sicilus is getting more creative, tasking you with diving deep underwater to complete her course, but be wary, as the Dwarf sharks you used to prey upon are now looking to even the score.

Another new mechanic we have added to our Dragon racing missions, based upon feedback from the community, resets the animations to their “start” positions each time you begin the race, giving you the opportunity to have consistent runs that aren’t based upon the RNG of animations, they are based upon your skills to properly time maneuvering each obstacle, allowing you to practice and shave those precious seconds off your time.


Looking forward to this!


It looks very cool, can’t wait to race there!

How would that work when more players start at different times? Could the second player reset the animation for the first player who started earlier or is it client-side?


Its all on a player by player basis, so when u start the race 15 sec (or whenever) after the player in front of you the animations will reset for you, so you could run into a situation where it looks like the player in front of you is colliding with the animations (but he actually isn’t from his view).


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