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Wanted to start a poll to get the community’s feedback on the dragon races, your favorite race, why it is, least favorite race and the area you feel like needs the most improvement. I will use this information to adjust/tweek current races and building new ones. Thanks.

Note: Just looking for feedback on the dragon race “tracks” themselves, if you have additional feedback on the flying/steering/racing mechanics of the dragon themselves please post in the Beta feedback here : Beta 3 Public Event Feedback (New zones, public events, dragon races, etc)

Favorite Race:

  • Second Chance
  • Racing Ruins
  • Sky High
  • Mouse Trap
  • Swamp Monsters
  • Swamp Smash
  • Water Slide
  • Flying High
  • Let Loose
  • Lich King

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Reason Favorite Race:

  • Short track/Fast Run
  • Long track/Longer Run
  • Number of Gold rings on course
  • Number of paths that can be taken to finish
  • Animated obstacles
  • Scenery/Atmosphere
  • Challenge in ring placement

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Least Favorite Race:

  • Second Chance
  • Racing Ruins
  • Sky High
  • Mouse Trap
  • Swamp Monsters
  • Swamp Smash
  • Water Slide
  • Flying High
  • Let Loose
  • Lich King

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Areas to Improve:

  • Track Design/Ring Placement
  • More animated objects
  • Scenery/Atmosphere
  • Accessibility to tracks in overworld
  • Tracks too long
  • Tracks too short
  • More decisions between paths to take (bronze/gold paths)
  • Longer stretches between rings
  • More challenges during races(Static objects to fly around)
  • Other (Post Below)

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I would like to just add a quick suggestion for the underwater track (water slide?), that the sharks come from the opposite direction they do at the moment as we cant look behind the dragon to check when the sharks are coming so its complete guess work if you haven’t seen them pass you already.


would be really nice if you guys could figure out a way for ppl who get vr sickness to actually be able to play the dragon racing.


Didn’t try all yet, but as for:

Second Chance: Don’t see how to get to gold time, I flew all gold rings, took the shortcut in the middle and still way over 59 secs. Also sometimes it ported me backwards a few meters right at the start, before the tunnel, when flying through the 2nd ring, this looked buggy.

Sky High threw me out towards the end for no reason, I been exactly in the middle of the tunnel? Generally I dislike tracks having their hardest obstacles right at the end, so everything before was in vain.

Lich King: I like this one very much because it’s instanced, seriously, second chance with all the chatter around or - what can not be muted - a big fat dragon of someone else in front of your nose or right behind yours, is hard to play if you wanna focus.

Swamp Monsters: Even with slow down I can not reach those rings below, rather to the beginning of the track, the angle was way too steep.

Other than that I like the courses as a whole, with a bit of practice at least my nausea gets better, still don’t really like what it does to my neck, but with moderate time spent per day it is a fun activity for sure.

Edit: Found additional tracks and edited some names I confused above.

Water Slide: Nice Scenery! Easy, but it seems to be pure luck if the sharks hit you from behind or not.

Flying High: Nice Scenery, again! No clue how to get bronze, there are lots of rings too low I can not reach, some were only visible last minute due to white fog, also the length demotivates to retry it often.

Swamp Smash: Same issue as with the other Swamp, can’t get a high enough angle to even reach the first yellow ring. Sure I could skip the rings before or try to touch their very edges, only, but this is barely working and likely not intended.


I get VR sickness pretty bad from most games and I thought I would from dragon racing. The first few minutes I tried it, I thought I was getting nauseous and once I figured out the controls, I surprisingly didn’t get sick. I can do it for long periods of times now and not get sick. I know everyone gets sick from different things but have you tried to do it for more than 10 minutes?


no, because the first 15 seconds i start wanting to throw up.


I find myself getting hit by objects such as the ballista’s arrows which haven’t even fired yet or have long passed me.


Since the changes from last beta, I also believe it is impossible now.


On second chance, when I got gold on it, the gold rings in the tunnel was bugged, every time you went into them you’d collide with them even tho it was very clear you were not hitting them, I tried to go over the top of them instead but very close which gave me the gold ring from the inside and got me gold while just gliding over the tunnels


The vignette needs to be an option. I don’t get motion sick. I don’t need it. The vignette, however, it causes a lot of eyestrain and discomfort and does eventually start to make me feel overall unwell. All comfort techniques should be options that can be turned on/off easily.


Second Chance
I really like the ring placement in this track especially the ones under the wooden plank and the “cage”, the new rotating tubes are cool too.
Bug: If you look at the wooden plank from below (while going through the golden ring under it) it will be invisible.

Racing Ruins
I do like the part with the propellers and the blue butterflies on this track.

Sky High
I like the design of this track: starts inside a cave, goes around the mountain and then continues in open sky where you can have an awesome view!
Bug: between the last tube and the boulder you can ignore the rings and go straight while still getting credit for rings that are really far away.

Mouse Trap
One of my favourite tracks due to the challenge generated by the close space with narrow curves and the placement of golden rings right on the hardest corners. It’s the only track where with a smart use of the slow flight you can achieve faster times, we need more like this!

Swamp Monsters
The fish are alright after you fixed their hitbox (not completely, but MUCH better) and slowed them down, i actually like them now.
Issue: the line of speed rings doesn’t let you see almost anything when you go through due to all their effects, also many times you go so fast that a golden ring in between doesn’t even register. I’d suggest leaving only a speed ring at the start and one at the end of it, and replace all others with non-speed rings.

Swamp Smash
I like the variety of this track (starts under the bridge and follows the water, then goes on the air, then between rocks/tubes). I noticed many players have some trouble with the tubes that curve down, maybe make them a little larger?

Water Slide
The scenery underwater is AWESOME, and i love how you designed path! Trying to enter the first door right before it closes, dodging the second door as it closes on your face, or going through the treasure chest are really engaging and fun obstacles! Voted this one as favourite.

Flying High
I was disappointed by this one. For the first 15 seconds you have an awesome view, but then you turn right and all you can see is the water with a couple ruins in it. Please consider re-designing it to have the player turn left instead to have an awesome view of the entire zone all the time.
I do like the length of it though, there needs to be at least a couple long tracks.

Let Loose
I like dodging the arrows (although they need an hitbox that matches the arrow better, it’s too large right now), also like the part where you circle around the ruin’s column.

Lich King
It’s amazing how many different paths you can take (probably there are even more than intended), It was a lot of fun testing all of them to see which one is the fastest!
Bug: from the start you can turn around and go to the end.

Suggestion for a new track
PLEASE make a track that starts at the bottom of the giant tree in Highsteppe, climb it all on a spiral and finish on top of it! It would be so much cool!


I have been getting a glitch where my dragon dies at spawn then comes back and won’t move. And It will not allow me to get back to my body and I have to force quit out the game to get back.

The tunnel in (sky ? High) just kills me if I go through it.

In all tracks sometimes I die for no reason while going through gold rings.

The UFO’S in (flying?high) come at you from behind halfway thru the coarse and it’s Rng if you live or die.

The blue wind? Particle affect and giant boot are a little goofy in sky?high … I have never safely navigated that wind.

Even tho I yelled at it the most and it’s the longest and no-one has gotten gold on it… fly?high was the most rewarding when I got on the leaderboard.


I find it annoying that I cant really look around because if I turn my head I going to go off the track and fail. Looking around would be nice for 2 reasons,

  • First is so you can see more of the course and in some cases see objects that are outside your fov that you need to dodge.

  • Second reason is so that you can just enjoy the beautiful scenery of the great world you’ve built.

This could maybe be achieved by having a button which if you hold down disconnects your head from the dragon, the dragon continues straight and you can look around freely. When you release the button the camera snaps back to the dragon without the dragon making any abrupt turns. I guess this also gives the ability to reposition the camera for people with less than 360 tracking.

Also I’d like to say that I really enjoy the dragon races, it is definitely not for everyone and I was skeptical at first but it is really fun, although sometimes difficult.


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