Dragon racing still sickening


I was hoping that the dragon racing changes would help… they did not. still makes me nauseous after only the beginner race.


It’s no activity I will do frequently either with that kind of steering. Perhaps it’s my setup, don’t have many probs with motion sickness, but it hurts my neck, majorly. I can not even steer the dragon round corners (for example, in the mousetrap) without a feeling of almost breaking my neck, I keep trying, but the angles feel horrible at times, lots of rings seem to be unreachable, also the ones where you need to look up or down.


Try slowing down at those sharp corners.


To elaborate on this (since its not represented in game right now) if you press down on the thumbstick or slide your thumb down on trackpad) you will slow down your dragon to make those sharp turns easier, Im not sure mouse trap is do able without using it. Once you release the thumbstick it will resume normal speed. Hope that helps.