Dram Shortage - weapon repair is breaking the bank

This test is much longer than any previous test and I have a feeling my Dram from questing will run out pretty soon. Any suggestions on how to repair my weapons when that happens?

I’ve been discarding gear and repping it with the same items when the drop to avoid repairing…but have the same problem, with no income (at least that I’ve found) I have the dram from the starting area basically and it is running low.

that’s only a temporary solution because your weapons can also break.

Yah, I know…but it is slowing down the drain.

We’ll be addressing this in the next patch, basically you should be getting some “throwaway” drops off of mobs that can be sold to NPC vendors to acquire more dram, but it’s not in yet.

If someone actually does run out of dram and can’t repair things just let me know and I will give you more.


Annnd its gone. I’m broke and my weapon has 2/20 durability. An alternative to throwaways could be basic weapons dropping somewhat frequently… In the meantime, Riley, can you spare some Dram :slight_smile:

What’s your in-game name? Also, you have to be logged out for me to do it, so let me know when you are and I will.

Odinson . I’m logged off.

Okay good to go! Hope that helps.

Yup thanks! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: