Dram, what does it look like?


So I made a silly little pic in discord and in it I realized I’ve never seen Dram in the game. At least I don’t remember ever seeing a graphical representation of it, it’s just a number in my pocket. So I had to make something up for the ransom money :wink:
The idea is that Dram would look and be about the size of a RAM stick, with the OrbusVR symbol and precious metal inserts where the RAM circuits are. If there is a dram item in game please let me know, if not, here is my concept for fun, whether or not a graphic representation is ever planned.


Lol, just found an image of dram coins

Haha maybe if I played more and drew less I’d have realized it sooner :rofl:


…but that pile is not dram coloured!


I forgot about the dyes, ‘dram coloured’, was that the really expensive gold dye?


Yeah 25k per dye from the vendor


When was the Pimp clsss released?


It’s more like mustard then gold…

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