Drinking an Healing Potion while dying


If you start drinking an healing potion and die while doing so, the healing potion will still be consumed (and wasted) after you’re dead.


I’ve ran into this one a number of times on raid boss 5.


If you drink milk and die, the milk will not stop running out of the bottle?!

So whats the problem?


The problem is the delay between drinking the potion and the health coming back, it’s quit a big delay so if you then get hit again in that time instead of drinking the potion and getting heal you will drink the potion and die anyway but it will still consume the potion.

A simple fix would be to reduce the time it takes to receive the heal


Ah ok. I thought “wasted” is the problem and not the timing. :slight_smile:


Not sure if this is a bug or intended feature.
But I do know that it happened to me last night while questing.

I currently have 9 health potions. After a hit from a boar, I’m now at 10% health. I bring a potion up to my face. I’m killed during the animation. I respawn with 8 health potions now.

I’ll have to check and see if drinking a health potion is an instant health gain or if it rapidly raises your health. If it’s the ladder, then it makes sense. If it’s the former, I think we should get to keep the potion.


It is an instant heal, not a heal over time, however there is a delay from when you drink/hear the noise of you drinking to when you get the health back


Then in my naive opinion, the potion should not be consumed. Maybe it’s a difficult problem because of latency?


I think it’s more the programmed timing sequence than latency which I’m guessing consumes the potion upon the initial sound/animation but does not apply the heal until the animation is finished (1-2 second later)

Edit: To add onto what Rickness was saying, if you just move the healing proc to match the sound, that’d be the most obvious, but perhaps not programmably convenient solution.


Welcome to OrbusVR souls! I demand more I-Frames after I teleport!


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