Drunk/Scared guy in the tavern

This NPC in the corner of the tavern talks about how he “shouldn’t have stolen from her”.

Has anyone figured out how to trigger the quest involving him?

You can kill him, so it seems like he is part of the brotherhood quest, and his dialogue seems to lend itself to that as well.

I’ve done all available quests in the game short of killing all of the octofangs in the DLC, and I’ve spent a few hours, literally, trying to figure out how to trigger the quest involving this guy with no luck.

Has anyone been successful with this one?

To our knowledge, there is no quest involving him ATM.
He’s just there to hint at the new brotherhood quests in the dark alley.

you get to interact with him for doing the light house quest from hulthines basin if I am correct it’s the 2 or 3 part of it to talk to the guy in the tavern

He is talking about the local in the tavern, not mad dog Davies, there are 2 NPCs

well that stinks, hopefully he will be involved sometime soon.