Duel Wielder/Card caster

I’ve seen a few on this topic, and I wanted to throw out ideas.

I thought about a Duel wielding DPS class and how to make that work, comparing to other classes. If you have a weapon in each hand(note, weapons would likely come in pairs, much like a bards mallets come in twos), it could make it so that you to time your trigger so that only one sword is ‘charged’ at a time, and consecutive uses of the same hand weapon yields less and less damage, while holding both triggers(unless it’s for a super move) yields minimal damage. Thus for a duel wield, your damage output it controlled by switching between your weapons for strikes, so the faster you can switch, the more damage you can get out of it. The super move could be an auto charge that allows you to go all out for a short period for a flurry of blows with enhanced damage.

Card caster seems another possible idea, as cards are present in the game. The idea would be you have cards to construct a hand in your inventory, unlike the scoundrel, who has random draws, this stays consistent hand you are looking at. The card could have two ‘modes’, either throwing them on the ground to create a trap with the cards effect or buff, triggered when an enemy steps on it(or any ally if its a buff), or activating them in your hand to make a launchable attack that triggers on impact. Unlike the shaman totem, cards would not be an effect that repeats, but one time triggers, so a Card caster excels at setting up for his traps before engaging, but must balance that with the cards he has to use in his hand. Trapped cards would be unavailable unless you return then to your hand or they are triggered, and all cards have a cool down after their effects are triggered.

Anyway hope this sounds interesting, love the game and looking forward to new content.


Thinking more about the classes, I thought more about how to flesh them out. An issue with a melee dps seems to be blocking other classes, though to be honest, so far enemies tend to rush towards whomever aggros them, so I’m not sure I understand that logic entirely. But that aside, if that is an issue, an idea may be to allow the DW to charge a ‘beam sword’ so that it attacks at a range slowly, but can switch to the fast-paced close range when an enemy approaches them. Being able to attack at a range would give less damage, however, is still advantageous since your avoiding damage until the enemy is targeting you and goes into the melee range. It’s just a thought about how to make it work.

As for the card caster, I was thinking about its role in combat, and trapper seems somewhat synonymous. So I thought, to build the concept around that, so the cards could be split between ‘triggered’ cards that you put down and manually detonate, proximity traps that go off when someone walks over it, putting more emphasis on planning out your attacks. Maybe add a couple of personal effect cards like ‘reflect a percentage of damage’. I then thought of adding an off-hand item, one that plays into the idea of a trapper, basically an orb or card that will teleport the caster, leaving a double in his place while making him invisible for a short duration until the caster deals damage to another source. The double would react to the caster’s hand gestures to make it viable in PVP, but essentially this allows the caster to ‘set up’ before engaging, throw off attackers for a short time to reapply traps, and in a pinch, escape from combat. With this in mind, the caster would have few straight-up attack options to rely on, and must deal out big bursts of damage with traps and avoid getting stuck in combat. Again, these are just ideas, but I just like getting them out there.

Ideas are suppose to be put here, so you are doing great.



I only joined the game recently on the quest 2 and so far love the game. I’ve tried out all the classes, some I like better then others, but I also see potentials for other classes like the ones above, even if they never get traction, it would still be cool to see new classes of some typing.

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Let me scoundrel mage, have both reduce their damage. gun in off hand wand in main hand.

Arcane Gunslinger.

I better be able to dotspread my affliction, frost, fire, and poison card

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