Dueling in orbus vr

On of my favourite features in ESO was dueling random or my friends. It would be cool if there was a substitute to world PvP where you can press a button to do a no-stakes duel with someone(similar to sending a trade offer). To make the duels fair, both player are set to lvl 30. Trying to 1v1 people in the game is rather tedious because you have to go back to Highsteppe, so a duel button would be nice.


100% agree and want a duel feature added to the game.

In many mmos it’s just a request duel like a menu … tho in VR … we could buy a dueling glove as a belt item we throw at the person we are requesting a duel from … “I demand satisfaction!”


Also, You should allow the tavern to be a pvp zone and you just get reduced to 1%


I would love a duelling glove to throw! XD


Why would you be in PvP let alone be reduced to 1%

No penalty bar fight simulator?


how about the option for stakes/no stake, would be way better

While I like this idea, it would not be a good idea right now

Until they balance stuff it’s just gonna be a bunch of scoundrels going haha one shot haha

I think “not right now” becomes never to easily

I want to see a meaningful addition to the pvp scene.

And simple dueling where I dont have to worry about people picking up my bag or losing durability would be appreciated.

The 1% thing is from older mmos with duels you cant go below 1% so when you hit it that person has lost. It allows you to loose nothing but fight friends all day.

As it is now you either need to get naked (stupid) and then not carry anything important then go kill your friends if you keep gear on you are looking at 20k repair easily from just a little sparing with friends.

Just a FFA Arena of some type where durability dosent degrade would help tremendously , tbh dont mind the pack drop normally. It would be cool to add loot to our pack drops while in the FFA Arena.

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Hear me out, just don’t accept any duels from scoundrels. Since this system would require the consent of both parties, then you could easily just decline if you don’t want to fight a scoundrel.

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I like your idea. It would require you to pick your class before. Maybe there would also be some sort of way to do from the environment so paladin/muskey fights don’t happen because they never end.

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Thing with 1% is sword rush dead. That is unless I’m not understanding.

This is how I would want the system to work: when you request a duel with someone it sends them a message displaying your username and the class that you had equipped when you send the request. If they accept your duel then both players will be forced to play on the classes that they either requested with or accepted with. Duels only last 90 seconds, or until someone reaches 1% health, and healing is disabled (that includes potions and class abilities). There would be a 15 second period after both players have accepted and before the duel begins where both players can choose what class items that they would like to use in the duel (bard songs, musky orbs, tank shields, etc.). That’s what I envisioned when I read the original post.


Because bards don’t get enough hate already :frowning:

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In my mind, a duel is a measure of someone’s offensive and dodging capability. It wouldn’t be a very good duel if it was just a paladin or musky healing themselves the whole time. I have an open mind on the subject of bard though. I have practically no experience on bard so I don’t know how well this would work, but when I was brainstorming about how to work bard in I thought it would work to let bard keep its auto-heal, but not its songs. Is this a bad idea or no?

I’m guessing you mean the crescendo/burst heals. I’d rather let people use any class mechanics since taking away healing takes away a core part of several classes.

All of the discussion about what to allow is moot until pvp is balanced though. Currently there’s 0 reason other than “cuz why not?” to play Warrior in PvP. There’s the overwhelming meta of Scoundrel/Mage/Paladin, and everything else pales horribly in comparison.

Mostly I just want Bard fix lol


I dont think I understand what you mean so let me reword.

I think you read it as start at 1% ? instead of end at 1% ?

SO its just a normal fight but you do not die at the end you get held at 1% life and loose the duel.

Think all class mechanics should be allowed , Ive had heal off duels in other mmos was quite amusing.
(like the tell equipped class idea so you wont get drawn into heal fights if you dont want to)

Potion use in a duel is just not proper duel etiquette no need to disable this in a duel just call them without honor.

Tho if there is an ARENA , it could disable belt items in the sand just like battlegrounds does.
The viewers in the stands can drink all the Ithecac they want tho =p

can we gamble dram in these duals? would be so awesome if we could. If this is implemented there should be options for picking classes, pots on\off, gear on\off, talents on\off


go big or go back to grinding :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

While I like and Have even suggested something similar in the past I think this gets you in trouble with anti gambling laws depending on which country you are from.

However us placing side bets on honor system doesn’t harm anyone ^-’

… I wonder if you could finangle the mechanic to get around it …

*Entry Fee ? to … a Ranked Duel ? *
*Winning Contestant receives Prize according to merit. *
Prize is = the Entry Fee * Number of Combatants

Think that does it.

I have played similar mmo’s before, they let you gamble you (in game currency) it brings excitement when you win big, most people do not quit when they lose their money, they go earn more.

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