Duels in town and general pvp questions

@Riley_D Is there any plans to add dueling? You could duel someone down to 1 hp, no one dies but it is fun. Both sides have to agree to a duel for it to take place.

Another question I had, I wanted to check to see to make sure that we aren’t going to be able to attack our own fellowship members and party members correct? Wouldn’t want to attack one by accident.

Any plans to have a setting where you can talk in a party without having to use the compass. maybe have the option where you could switch the compass and regular chat. This would be extremely useful when your in a group attacking another group and you don’t want the group your attacking hearing what you are saying about strategy. Just some thoughts.

add a betting system for the duelers. You bet 10 dram youll win

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I’d love that. that would be fun.

Also, how are you going to handle resurrecting in the wilds. What if I only want to resurrect my party member and not the guy I just killed and both of their bodies are next to each other. How will this be handled?

Draven and I tested this last test, and you can’t resurrect people who are not in your party, and you respawn at the order jail if you release without being resurrected.

I would love duels in town and fellowship halls

Are there any plans to have server wide announcements when the first time an end-game boss is killed or when someone kills an infamous bandit?

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or unlocking a ancient treasure

Yeah! And then cut your enemy into peices and eat them!