Dumb and underdeveloped class idea

The idea is a class that would use a spear, And have specific class interactions with some (or all) of the other classes. For instance, the mage casts a fireball, and if the spearman gets the tip of the spear to the fireball, the spear would end up doing some extra damage for a quick moment (does not stop fireball, or do if balance demands) or the spearman could poke the bard to make his instruments go faster, stuff like that. As for talents, I’m not sure, but the general idea would be one side to improve the class interactions where the spearman benefits (refer to the mage example) and the other to improve the interactions where the other player benefits (sort of refer to the bard one)… I don’t have anything else to put…

Damn, that would be a challenging class to even use x3

The title fits.

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i wouldnt mind a sniper class lol that uses an acual sniper that looks like it would fit in the universe but thats me

That would actually be pretty cool, but most of the boss rooms are so small that the class might play a little weird.

maybe who knows rangers seem to do fine lol
i say rangersc because they rely on distence

When I think of sniper I think of super long range compared to rangers long range. I was just thinking of how close up everything would be if you were looking through a scope.